On the 5/11/17 at 18.57 we finally met our little love- we have a beautiful baby boy! 

Life has been a whirlwind since then, as life with a newborn has ups and downs for sure and I have absolutely no idea how anyone copes with multiples! But we are head over heels in love with our son and are all doing well. 

Birth story 

We planned a Homebirth for a variety if reasons; I believed in myself and my baby, I didn’t want to be messed around with, I was TERRIFIED of having an epidural and the associated increased risk of an instrumental birth but thought I’d ask for one if I was at the hospital, and it’s a bloody long way from where we live to the hospital and I didn’t think I could be bothered with the journey whist trying to give birth. So we borrowed a birthing pool, booked the birth with the midwives, I made a playlist and we got old sheets, dust sheets and towels to protect the furniture and carpet. I bought snacks for us and the midwives and candles to set the mood. 

My labour started on Saturday 4th, after my 4th sweep at 11 days overdue. I was booked in for induction the next day but had spoken with the consultant and midwives as I planned to decline it for a couple more days but would go for monitoring to make sure everything was ok. I was beyond fed up, emotional and exhausted but I wanted to give myself and my baby the very best chance of normal birth. Women in my family have babies late,  without complications and so rationally I just felt I was taking after them. Honestly though emotionally I thought I may be pregnant forever and couldn’t imagine finally meeting this baby.

So, I had some twinges from 16.30 on the 4/11 awhen mum and I were tiling the bathroom. I’d been fairly active already that day so chose to bounce on my birthing ball rather than walk and cross my fingers that this was finally it! By evening they were getting uncomfortable and A and I went for a walk around the estate to the local shop. It was Saturday before bonfire night so we watched fireworks going off all around us and the night felt so heavy and full of promise-I was going to meet my baby! 

After ten I decided to go to bed. I figured if labour was going to progress this would ramp it up and if not I’d get some sleep. Well it ramped up and soon became quite strong. My contractions were coming so frequently every 2 minutes but were short lasting so I knew it was early stages. They were intense though! I kind of liked the feeling of those early contractions, think I was so damn grateful things were happening! At midnight I sent A for a sleep elsewhere as I knew things were progressing and wanted her to get some rest before it really kicked off.

As we neared 1am I started getting horrendous pain in my back at the height of contractions. I struggled with it. I had my tens machine on and was on all 4’s on the bed but couldn’t help but call out with the pain. I knew I’d be vocal, I’m a vocal person anyway ha! The contractions were coming alllll the time still and I was hoping I was going into active labour (as in 4cm or more) but they were till short lasting and every now and then I’d get a big gap of a few minutes between the pains. I was messaging two friends all the while, they were our birthing partners and are also midwives elsewhere. I asked one of them to come as I was starting to find it hard and wanted to see if they thought I was in active labour before I called out the local midwives. 

H arrived at about 2am and I was vocalising with the contractions. She rubbed my back a while and generally supported A and I but agreed I was still in early labour. Shortly after she suggested I go in the shower for pain relief a while which I did, on all 4’s with the water on my back. It did really help. 

By 4am I was in agony with my back. I could cope with the contractions but at the height of them the back pain was overwhelming. My other friend arrived also, and they suggested going into the birthing pool so A started filling it. I’d been going between kneeling on the bed and shower before this. By 4.45 I was asking for pain relief and asked them to call out the midwives. I got into the pool whilst they did this and shouted my way through the contractions!! I had stopped being able to talk to anyone effectively at this point as what I find hilarious is that all the preparations is made like candles and music etc I just didn’t give a toss about! 

The midwives arrived somewhere around 6 am and it immediately became clear that my blood pressure was really high. I needed to go to the hospital. Everything else was good, babies heartbeat, my pulse etc and I was 6cms dilated! But my blood pressure would not go down. It normally runs pretty low so it was really significant for me and I knew both baby and I needed to get checked out. As I was in established labour they called an Ambulance. That ambulance ride was the most agonising experience of my life! At home the back pain I was having was horrendous but if I was on all 4’s I was somehow coping. In the Ambulance I had to sit on the stretcher for the 20 mile journey and I could.not.cope as the pain in my back was unreal and so that ambulance ride is one of my strongest memories of labour. 

When we arrived at the hospital I was ready for pain relief. I wanted an epidural but because by blood pressure was so high they needed to get blood tests back first. I needed to be on the bed for both of us to be monitored- so much pain! I just wanted to go on all 4’s but couldn’t. I honestly felt like I was going to die of that back pain!

Finally I got the epidural, which took a while to work but when it did wow-back in the room! During the time I was waiting for it to work I felt my waters go but was in too much pain to tell anyone! I was finally able to talk to A and my friends when it kicked in but still forgot to mention that my waters had gone until the midwife pointed it out when changing my pad! Haha!

My labour slowed down after this, I imagine to do with the stress as well as the epidural and unfortunately I needed some medication to just get rid of the last cm of cervix. Once it had gone though- we were off! I managed to push my baby boy out in under half an hour. He was born healthy as can be, right onto my chest and stayed there with his cord intact for ages. Within ten minutes he has latched himself onto the breast with literally no assistance and fed for over half an hour. 

He’s barely left the breast since and at 11 days old is back to his birth weight. It’s been hard at times with cluster feeding and a significant tongue tie but we’re doing fab and I’m loving feeding him.

The last 11 days have been a rollercoaster of emotions and I’m happy to have got through them. I cannot wait to see what the next 11 days brings us! 💙


Dear baby

Baby you’re growing big! You kick me a lot in the early mornings and I love every little squirm! It feels like such precious time, so much so that once I’ve woken up I can’t go back to sleep as I just want to lie there and feel you move. Some of your kicks are getting uncomfortable but weirdly those are my favourite as they show just how strong you are! You then squirm and kick on and off all day before your big finale at bed time when you seem to go bonkers in there! I wonder what you’re so busy doing. 

I get worried about your movements, it’s such a big responsibility to make sure you’re ok. When I’m working I’m so busy it’s hard to concentrate and I can’t wait for maternity leave to begin so I can just focus on you.

I’m 34 weeks pregnant with you now, it’s flown by. We get to meet you in a few short weeks and both of us are getting emotional about it all. Mumma starts her third year of uni around the time your due so it’s all go around here. We’ve decorated your nursery, our room and swapped the living room/office around so you have a safe space to one day learn to crawl. Grandpa is redoing our bathroom for us too, so the place is a mess but I don’t think you’ll mind. 

What else? We’re trying to teach your doggy siblings not to bark and every leaf that blows past so they don’t wake you constantly. I hope you’re getting used to woofs in there! 

All our lovely friends and family have been gifting us so much! And your aunties have been knitting non stop. Granny has found jumpers she knitted me 30 years ago! You’ll get to wear them soon but she wants them back after ok? 

We’re ready for you baby 💛

Buying for our baby; sleeping

I thought it may be interesting to record some of our baby preparations. Ok, well it’s interesting for me a least! We’ve started early with the aim of spreading out our preparations so as to reduce stress, ensure that the big items aren’t impulse or panic buys and spread the finachial cost as really I am the only earner at the moment. 

I am an inconsistent mix of practical and frivolous, but overall try and live to motto of everything should be both ‘beautiful and useful’, and so this has shaped most of my purchases so far. 

As we are having a surprise baby and hopefully there will be siblings to follow, I wanted to keep all items gender neutral so they can be reused (hopefully) in the future. We’ve chosen grey and yellow as our main colour for the nursery, so a lot of items we’ve bought so far reflect this. 

These are the items we’ve brought with safe sleeping in mind. This is something close to my heart due to my job, and a something we have some control over elements of. 

Moses basket. Some of them look so ugly to me, and so flimsy. We wanted a Moses basket for downstairs, so baby had somewhere safe to sleep in the day (a huge amount of cot deaths happen on sofas) and when I saw this one by mokee I fell in love! It cost far more than I actually wanted to spend (about £100) which now seems slightly silly especially as we have been offered a few freebies since! And now it’s arrived I’m unsure if I would feel comfortable using it for unsupervised sleeping as it is so deep and the material so dense that I would worry about increased risk of cot death due to lack of ventilation… but still, so pretty! Also it feels pretty sturdy which is important to us with two mad dogs running about. 

We also bought the Mokee cot which was much more reasonable cost wise especially as it is suitable from birth through to toddlerhood. It changes into a toddler bed, comes with a draw and a change mat that sits nicely on top. This was a bonus as I didn’t want a change table as there is no room for that in our room, and barely any room in the babies room. This way we can use the change mat top of the cot to save our backs etc but also can take the change mat downstairs and use as normal in the day. I also wanted a small cot so that we could fit it down the side of our bed and use for nighttime sleeping immediately. It needed a drop side so we could semi-bed share to support breastfeeding but without the risk of overlaying (slightly cot death obsessed over here). I didn’t want to use a next to me type crib as they are the same size as the Moses baskets and so I assume won’t last long. I intend on semi co-sleeping as long as baby seems to need, so didn’t want to have to get something else once baby started rolling and climbing about! 

Another area that babies seem to sleep a lot in is their car seats. It is a pet hate of mine to see a scrunched up newborn being pushed around the shops for hours in a car seat pram. There is so much research showing that babies oxygen saturations significantly drop after just 30 minutes in them and unfortunately many babies have died, with this as a contributing factor. Yet I totally see how tempting it is to leave the baby asleep and just simply transfer the car seat to the pram chassis. 

With that in mind, when I saw this car seat recommended as which Best Buy and endorsed by the lullaby trust I knew that’s what I wanted for the baby. 

This is the kiddy Evoluna i-size infant carrier. Again it’s pricy but it can be used in a lie flat position enabling the baby’s head neck and body to stay in line and therefore keep an open airway. This is (I hope) win win!

Our last (so far) sleep related purchases have been sleep bags. I’m not 100% convinced on the safety of these as to me it seems baby could overheat, but they come in different togs and I guess the key is insuring the room temperature is correct (room thermometer is on the to buy list). Lullaby trust have suggested in a talk I attended that baby sleep bags are protective against cot death as baby cannot squirm down and end up with covers over its face. 

Anyone have any other advice on sleep safety and what’s worked for them? 


A little love letter 

31/5/17My baby,

You are a 19 weeks old foetus tomorrow, which means it is 17 weeks since the egg that made up half of you met the sperm that made up the other half and you started to become you. I guess the egg had been maturing for a couple of weeks prior to meeting its other half hence the 19 weeks, but who knows, maybe it’s just to make us pregnant people feel better about being so knackered because hey, look how pregnant we are! 
Being pregnant with you is my dream come true. You’re making me a mother, something I’ve dreamed of for years and something that feels like it’s still a dream to be honest, I can’t really believe that you’ll be coming to meet us soon, earth side. I’ve felt you move this last couple of weeks, but today I felt your squirms and worms so strongly, I like to think they were proper kicks. It felt like strong twitches or being flicked if you’re interested! It was so magical, such a beautiful feeling. Oh I don’t know what the point of this is except to say you are so wanted, you are so loved by me and your mummy and we can’t wait to meet you. 
We are busy preparing for that day. We are so excited, as are all of your family! So far we have planned your nursery and mummy is in the process of washing the walls ready for painting them. Your cot arrived yesterday and your Moses basket is on the way. We’ve bought some clothes, and a sling to love you in. We are trying to think of your name, are you Lucca or Rupert? Or Dahlia or Matilda?  
I can’t wait to meet you, to know you, to love you 💛

Ivf pregnancy update 

Today I am 20 weeks and two days pregnant (according to our dating scan! 20 weeks exactly according to, well science) and I’m so excited we made it half way! 

Throughout this pregnancy I have counted my lucky stars each and every day and I am so grateful for this babe. I wouldn’t say I’ve been outright anxious about things going wrong, but I am a realist and I know that shit happens. 

Pregnancy so far; 

After our beautiful 12 week scan I started myself on low dose aspirin to prevent pre eclampsia. In the U.K. NICE guidelines recommend it for anyone high risk of pre eclampsia, which I fall into due to using a sperm donor. None of my blood relatives have had preeclampsia and I have no other risk factors but this is one risk I do not want to take. Technically I was meant to see a obstetric consultant prior to 12 weeks to prescribe this for me, and provide a plan of care (which I hope consists of carry on as normal 😆) however I have yet to see one, and my appointment that was scheduled for next week has just been pushed back another fortnight. I guess I’ll just let them know I consulted myself instead ha.

About 15 weeks we got our Down’s Edwards as Pataus syndrome results and we are low risk. 1:1568 for downs and 1:100,000 for Edwards and pataus. This doesn’t mean no risk mind. 

16 weeks and we popped to see our lovely midwife for a quick antenatal and all my blood results etc were normal. Brief but sweet. We had a small debarcle where I left my notes at home and the wife had to run back to get them and I cried in the waiting room thinking she would miss the appointment, but thankfully she didn’t! Oh pregnancy hormones! I learnt though just how important it is that’s she’s with me all through this, I don’t want her to miss a beat. 

And our 20 week/anomaly scan! Most importantly everything looked normal. Plodding along just under the 50th centile and kicking around like crazy. It was lovely to see our little one again, and we were so strong and didn’t find out gender. We are team 💛 mostly because we love surprises and feel no need whatsoever to genderise a foetus, each to their own of course but I just want to let the little thing be. 

Here’s our babe getting itself into some interesting positions at the anomaly scan! 

The only issue I’ve really had in this pregnancy is my hips. Man, my hips. It’s quite distressing at times, and I’m not sure why it is. Gp things inflammation in my trochanteric bursa, I think maybe sciatica. Either way I’m off to see the physio today as I’ve been reduced to tears with it more times than I can count. It really is painful, but it comes and goes and luckily doesn’t seem to set in until late afternoon. I haven’t yet missed a day of work and don’t intend to until maternity leave at term! 

So that’s my update so far 😊 we’ve also been on a bit of a spending spree and are in the early process of decorating a nursery, but more on that another time! Xxxx

Dating scan

Excitingly we had our 12 week scan today, and it was incredible! Our little beauty was swimming around in there and waving its little head off! It looked like a real baby and I can hardley believe it’s there inside of me. 

Our little one was very naughty and did not want to have its measurements taken at all and after several attempts loo breaks and wiggling around (me!) we went for lunch and returned in a hour to have them repeated, took ages still as baby was not playing ball but finally the lovely sonographer got what she needed and we could complete the downs screening. The midwife was awesome at taking blood and I didn’t feel a thing. A and I had a chat about the results too, if they came back as high risk or near too (say 1:200 or close) then we’re going to pay privately for some more advanced screening for chromosomal abnormalities (NIPT) rather than go down the amino route and 1% risk of miscarriage. It’s more than 98% accurate and is a simple blood test. It will be available on the NHS soon, but currently it costs around £500 privately and is available from the hospital we had our fetiloty treatment at. 

We got a million photos from our lovely sonographer, benefit of working in the NHS apparently 😉 and I’m chuffed with them! I asked for a spine shot as they just fascinate me, that was a first apparently! 

We went on a little shopping trip after and brought some more baby clothes. So now we have a small collection of vests and grows, a baby book, a small teddy, two nightlights, a mobile and a print for the nursery wall. Our plan is to buy the Moses basket and cot this month (as there is 10% off this month on the ones we want) then next month is the baby show by which point I’ll be 17/18 weeks and we’re going to look for pram, car seat, breast pump steriliser and reusable nappy deals, though we will only buy if things are on offer.

I think we may be a bit early in buying things but 1) I don’t care I’m excited and 2) we need to spread this out! 

12 weeks 

Today marks me turning 12 weeks pregnant, that’s crazy! I still can’t believe it and get a little heart skip whenever my pregnancy pops up in conversation. 

Symptoms wise I’m good, no sickness nausea or anything much. Tiredness is easing, I feel bloody lucky. I’m fat though I feel flabby and horrible and can’t wait for a real bump! Also have become slightly obsessed with looking at my boobs in the mirror when I’m getting changed, like what the hell! They’re massive perky and beautiful haha! 

Scan next week on Tuesday and I can’t bloody wait. I’ve been slightly worried that baby is not ok as I’ve been feeling so normal but I naughtily listened in last weekend to baby’s heartbeat and there it was fast and strong and just beautiful ❤