In the beginning…

Since I am so blog obsessed (I like to find a new blog and binge read it from start to present day…geek) I thought I would give one a go except I’m a bit technology ignorant and don’t really know where to start or how to use one/do one. But here we are.

So, in the beginning there was me (shlee) and my beautiful wife (A). We got married this year and a not so small part of the reason we wanted to get married was so that when we have a child, which we hope is soon, that both of us are considered equally and equivocally our babies legal guardians, simple. Stonewall reliably informs me that as a married lesbian couple, at the point of conception, if A is the intended parent and we use AI (artificial insemination) as opposed to NI (natural insemination, err what?!) then she gets legal guardian rights, go team! And so began our baby plan 😍 sperm meets jar, brief stop over in syringe, little swim to make lifelong friends with egg…


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