Cd 36 or 6 days late? 

So my fertility app tells me my period is late, 6 days late and that I am on cd 36. I wish I understood my body more, what is going on! On average my cycles last 30 daysthough the last 3 have lasted 33, so am I really just 3 days late as apposed to 6? If my cycle is just really long this time, why?! 30-33 days is long enough thank you! 

I did a pregnancy test yesterday, as we last Inseminated on day 25 of my cycle, just for the sake of it really. Since that was 10 days a go and my period is late I managed to excite myself into believing it is possible that our random stab in the dark inseminations had worked. 

Cue hilarity; we are camping, it was dark, I was trying to POAS without A noticing, without peeing on myself, on a porta potty whilst holding a torch! Partial success; I managed to POAS but also on myself! Thank god for wet wipes. BFN if you’re wondering. Hmmmm. Can’t pretend I’m not disappointed even if it’s highly unlikely. 

So I will console myself by snuggling the two gorgeous women in my life  💕


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