Jealousy and love

My period came.

My best friends didn’t. 

I’m so happy for her! I am I am I am. I am. 

When we were doing our random last insemination, I was messaging her n she asked what I was doing, so I told her. She went and DTD with her hubby, and it worked! We laughed how we could be concieving together. 

I have an ache in my chest, I’m jealous but that’s ok, I’m jealous of everyone who’s pregnant and my time will come, it will. I also have a full to bursting heart in my chest for her 💗 I don’t want to take this from her, it shouldn’t be mine not hers, it’s her time. She’s beautiful and so is her husband. They deserve this, and I’m praying and praying for that little embryo to hold on and make her a mummy. We will be mummy’s together, we’ve done everything together. 


2 thoughts on “Jealousy and love

  1. I have literally just (ten minutes ago) experienced something of the same. A friend was pregnant before we had our go, she just had a 12 week scan and posted a picture on to a private group we share entitled “Baby D*****” – we have the same surname 😦

    I guess this is what we have to get used to while TTC 😦 Chin up. Keep going.

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    1. It’s so emotionally provocative. I really wasn’t prepared for how I felt when I found out. I want this for her so so much, but also for myself. I was talking to my rife about it like ten minutes ago and she said, what’s the problem, it’s not a race. She’s right, our time will come xxx


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