3rd time lucky?! 

  I am literally so excited to see this gorgeous little face! This is my first positive ovulation test since I started POAS many months ago. I had started to think there was something wrong, but a colleague pointed out that I was probably just testing at the wrong time of day and missing it, especially as when I’m working I’m away for 14+ hours. So I changed it and hey presto… Ovulation a go! 
We also inseminated today 😍 it’s cd 19 for me, and we inseminated on cd 17 already (my cycles are around 33 days) and had planned to do cd 22 (as sperm guy can’t do cd 21) but that seems pointless now so we’re going to do cd 20 (tomorrow). 

I’m also so reassured that the reason we’ve had no luck so far is timing. I know it’s only been three months and that’s nothing but still I am a tad over dramatic (I was googling pituitary gland tumors today….). Our previous inseminations have been on cd 11, 12, 15 and 25. All no where near ovulation and looking back all rather silly shots in the dark! I guess this stuff takes practice right?? 

Anyway, sperm, meet egg! Now do your thing 😍


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