Daring to hope

6dpo…8 days until I could expect my period but the last couple of days I’ve had these uterine cramps that feel like my period is about to start. Nothing else, no weird smells or tastes of twinges in my boobs. 

My heart knows I’m pregnant and breaks into moments of giddy joy, but my head is sure that I’ve experienced cramping and twinges like this before and refuses to let my heart indulge in such recklessness. Should I just go ahead and let myself indulge in the possibility I’m pregnant? After all I’m not not pregnant and it’s not going to make a BFN any less painful. Or will it? 

Last month deep down I knew I wasn’t pregnant, even to the extent of drinking wine and eating smoked salmon like it was going out of fashion. And I think that knowing that last month wasn’t our month was worse, because your there with this possibility that you don’t really believe in and really your just waiting for AF thinking when?? When will it be my turn. 

This month I’m going to stick with hope, and send positivity and love to my maybe baby 💕💕💕


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