Foreward planning

I’m back to my positive self today and partly it’s because we have a plan. I do love to have a plan. Structure makes me feel validated and hopeful, it guides me and helps me keep everything in check. I don’t mean I’m organised or have a daily routine particularly but I like to have goals and be proactive about reaching them. I’m driven. Ttc is unpredictable and I can’t control what will happen but I can hash out ideas and ideals to get us to our goal. It helps with the emotional days to think it’s ok, we have a plan. 

I know we’re only three months into this but I’ve wanted to be pregnant forever. I don’t want to be trying for 12 months to then get a referral and have to wait another 6 months + to get treatment started. So I rang my GP today, got an appointment on the same day after work and hey presto a referral to a local NHS hospital that takes private patients at a reduced rate. How amazing is our NHS??! I think they estimate three months for the initial appointment to come through and in the mean time were going to keep going with home inseminations and keep our fingers crossed! I also get a pelvic scan thrown in cuz of my bleeding between cycles which has been happening a while. I’ve had scans and smears etc before which have been normal but my last scan was two years ago now so I’m pleased to have another just to check this bleeding is still nothing to worry about. 
The other big thing is that I’m going to make a big push to lose weight before that appointment as ATM my BMI rolls in at a whopping 33! Ouch. I know they won’t want to treat me until it’s 30 or below, but I can do this. I need to shift 1 stone 6 pounds to get to a BMI of 30. Move more eat less. Sounds so simple! So today I cycled 4 miles in the rain with the puppy after work. It was short but I feel good and I worked hard for 25 minutes. I’m going to try and do that ever day, steer clear of alcahol and refined carbs as much as possible and generally eat a lot of good wholesome foods. I’m talking lifestyle change here not faddy crash dieting. 

So that’s the plan; lose weight, carry on with home inseminations and await an appointment at the fertility clinic. Yay!


2 thoughts on “Foreward planning

  1. Plans are great! Hehe and we’re pretty lucky to have the NHS really aren’t we? Good luck with the loosing weight, the 3 months is going to feel like ages, and will also fly by! Best of luck for everything ahead of you – it’s going to be exciting times! x

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