Hello O! 


And just like that I’m back in the room people! We’ve inseminated every other day the last 7 days, including this evening and as I have the lovely 😳 fertile cm I was hopeful I would ovulate yesterday or today but continued to get negative or high (but not peak) fertility readings on the numerous ovulation tests so we just plowed on with the inseminations regardless….

And after the fourth insemination this evening, on CD19, I finally got my positive! Phew! The four out of seven days of donating has even left our gorgeous sperm guy needing a nap when I left this evening 😉 I’m pretty chuffed that I ovulated on the sane CD as last month but just hope that the second half of my cycle is longer this time round to give the hopefully fertilised egg time to do it’s thing 💃

Now time to cross our fingers and settle into the tww. I’m going to try and not get my hopes up as drastically as I did last month but I do really plan on staying positive as it’s got to help right? Safe swimming spermies 🏊🙏💙💗


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