Boobs are achy tender, uterus is crampy and pinchy. 

I was ignoring the uterine cramps and blaming the polyp (grrr) until the boobs started up yesterday and now that little glimmer of hope has snuck in! Not sure what to do with it now I know I’m not likely to be or get pregnant with the polyp in residence. Try not to let hope take over again I guess! 

In other news we booked (or should I say my parents did) a skiing holiday for December…. When my parents suggested it as a family holiday I didn’t know what to say. I didn’t feel ready to announce our predicament and knew if I’m not pregnant and we do have to wait for polyp eviction a family Christmas holiday would be such a lovely distraction. However if by some miracle I am pregnant skiing badly down the alps is not the best way to spend early pregnancy. Then my gorgeous wife suggested if (pleasepleaseplease) I am with child she could give me her credit card and I could whittle away the hours in one of the gorgeous spas or going up in a bubble life to meet them for lunch with a view. Sold! Now that sounds like a perfect way to spend early pregnacy


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