AF strikes again

CD1. I’d pretty much resigned myself to the fact this would happen, but it’s still a blow. Cue me sobbing into A’s arms. I know I ovulated, I know we had sperm in the right place at the right time and my endometrium was thick and ready. Could the polyp be doing this? Stopping implantation. Surely though if the egg had fertilised but couldn’t implant cuz of the polyp I’d have had a positive test then AF like in a chemical? So what’s the deal? sperm not good? There sure was plenty of it….

A lady from a fertility clinic should be calling today. A has a list of questions and I can’t wait to find out what she says especially regarding the polyp and my BMI which is an outrageous 33!! Fingers crossed they’ll still see us, we’ve got 6 months to go through the process of getting the donors sperm ok’d before we can even attemp IVF so that’s time to lose a few pounds. They should see us right?
Ive joined us up to a gym and swimming pool to assist in this matter. Before the clocks changed I had got myself into a good habit of cycling with the dog every day after work in the forest, but now it’s too dark and last time I had a near miss with a bat! Not to mention how my imagination goes into overdrive when I’m alone in a dark forest….. So night time cycling or jogging is off and I need to replace it. The idea is I will go swimming at least twice a week and gym at least twice with my cycle rides in the glorious daylight at weekends. I eat healthily generally though indulge too much at weekends so the exercise and being stricter on my days off should help me get rid of a few pounds. I do miss my evening cycles with the pooch however, how beautiful is my forest? 



4 thoughts on “AF strikes again

  1. Hey 🙂 One thing I have learned through this process, is that there are so many millions of variables that need to take place in order for you to see the two lines on a test, so many more than medicine can intervene with, that it’s really not simply a matter of getting the sperm to the egg, that’s just the beginning. The embryo then has a gazillion changes to go through before it can implant – and it’s only when it’s actually implanted that it’s classed as a pregnancy. A chemical is when it’s implanted and then failed to continue.

    I don’t intend to sound negative – but you need to realise that you can do everything perfectly and it may not work, you could mess it all up and it might work! Women get pregnant with polyps, you could get pregnant next month, you may have to wait longer. Don’t try to question too much, don’t send yourself around the bend (because believe me, it’s rubbish!) … try to trust in your body and in the process!


    1. You are so lovely 💙 I know that really there’s only so much I can do and really it’s all down to chance and nature but that doesn’t stop the crazy. This month the crazy seems to be here to stay, I can’t shake it! Never been so emotional or so god damn angry! At myself mainly, at not being pregnant, at other people for being pregnant, at traffic and red lights and rain! I think I just need to let it out.
      Really hope you’re doing ok on your tww! Have fun in London, and at the fertility show if you go. I really wanted to go but A is working and I don’t want to go without her xxx


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