Cd14 cycle 5 

Yesterday we got an appointment through for an infertility clinic initial consultation and I was so damn excited! It’s not until the end of January which doesn’t seem too bad to me but I’m not sure what wait to have expected. It’s NHS based although we will be paying privately, and it does seem to work out cheaper in theory than the private clinics though we shall see.

We haven’t yet booked an appointment with the private clinic we like the sound of and I’m not sure why. I suppose part of it is wanting to get this polyp issue sorted and another is that we still hope and believe that AI at home should work if we do. 

This cycle may be a bit tricky as I seem to ovulate on CD19 and on CD 21 our sperm guy is jetting off to Portugal. Obviously if I ovulate when I think I will this will be ok but I am worried it will be a dud. Started getting the flashing smilie today which is Cd14 to signify high fertility so fingers crossed o happens before my spermies leave the country! X


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