Let’s talk about sperm

Ttc cycle #5 is underway. We did two inseminations this time, one 12 hours after lh surge began and one 36 hours. 

Obviously those samples were quite close together. I had planned to ‘pre load’ if you like by inseminating before the lh surge started and then inseminating again roughly 12 hours after lh surge began but it surprised me a day early. 

Now I’m no more a fan of spunk than the next lesbian, but I’ve got several spunk related questions swimming around my head. The first sample was a whopping 3.5mls, the second less than a measly 1ml! 

Now I know quantity does not reflect quality, that there are millions of sperm in each sample (hopefully) when it only takes one and I know it was the second sample he had given in two days but seriously?! I just don’t see how I can get pregnant from less than a ml, for a start half of it seems to get lost in the syringe, and then when I am finally brave enough to stand upright, it feels like gallons of the stuff runs right back out! I want the bloody stuff to stay up there thanks very much, I mean how do women get pregnant standing up?! What with gravity and everything how do women get pregnant at all?! If only a ml goes up there, then most of it falls back out half an hour later, how much spunk does one require? Jeeze


4 thoughts on “Let’s talk about sperm

  1. maybe we should invent some sort of stopper to keep it up there and make our millions! You’re right, it does feel like everything comes out again, even when its not put in with a syringe… not a very efficient process! fingers crossed for you guys x


  2. You know, when you buy it from Sperm banks, each straw you buy only contains 0.5ml. Now, I’ve been looking in to this a lot lately, and there are different levels of motility you can buy, the lowest being MOT5, that means that in that 0.5ml straw, there are 5 million mobile sperm. If you buy a MOT10 straw, there are 10 million etc – they go up to MOT50.

    Anyway, by my very medical calculations, I reckon if you had a 3.5 ml’s and then 1ml of sperm this cycle, even if your guy doesn’t have very mobile sperm, you had at least 90 million spermies try and make the journey to meet your egg. To me, those numbers seem favourable 😉

    Jeez? Don’t you mean Jizz? Ha ha


  3. That’s the beauty of cervical mucus! It helps the little sperms stick and guides them where they need to go, even if gravity is working against you. Don’t worry. 🙂
    Also the difference in volume could just be the fluid, not the sperms. Maybe he needs to drink more water!


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