AF funk

AF came today and I cried all the way to work. I did a pregnancy test on Monday, it was negative so AF was hardly a Suprise but still those nagging thoughts of ‘maybe it was too early’ crept in. I’m gutted. I’m 28 this month. My mum was 26 when she had me, I was her first child and I did not want to turn 28 not being pregnant. 

I can’t visualise a positive pregnancy test. I can’t imagine those first few weeks and months. Even full of hope in the tww I can’t see it. That feels significant to me. 

Urgh, now work. I want to be pregnant, and if I am not I want to sit at home and be miserable about it. 


3 thoughts on “AF funk

  1. ah I’m so sorry. I know how it feels when plans don’t work out – a mix between sadness and frustration for me. I was also sure I would have a baby by 28, unfortunately it didn’t happen (about to turn 30) but there have been many experiences over the last 2 years that I wouldn’t have been able to have with a little one in tow. Hopefully your clinic appointment in Jan will set you back on track xx

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