2016 a year to change my life

It is time to take responsibility for my actions, I’m done being obese! Stepped on the scales this morning and I have piled on those pounds over the last few days, being 13 stone 13 before we left for skiing I’m now tipping the scales at 14 stone 4 (200lbs)!!!!!

Now I already knew how over weight I am and how this is impacting on my health and fertility, but the problem is I’m a binger. I eat well most of the time, but twice a week I really really don’t and that’s enough to ruin everything and then some, and it’s meant I can pretend I’m not doing anything wrong since I eat well most of the week. 

Well that’s enough of that. I’m going to shift this weight and get my BMI into the healthy category. Today my BMI stands at a whopping 34.8.. My aim is to get to 11 stone (154lbs) and I’ve been planning to do this using the Dukan diet, which I’ve used before with some success but didn’t stick at. This time I’m going to see it through because this time I need to change to get my life and body into shape to bring home our little one. 

So the plan; 6 days of attack phase which involves eating just pure protein, there’s a list of 72 lean meats to chose from and that should see me lose 1lb a day. From there it’s onto the cruise phase which involves alternating a day of pure protein only with a day of protein and veg; no carbs no alcahol no cheating. This lasts for 143 days and sees me through to the 29th may at which point I should have reached my target weight of 11 stone. I plan on reaching this early and celebrating our 1st anniversary with my first meal out of the year on the 16th may. Following there it’s the consolidation phase which lasts 205 days and takes me to the 20/12/16. This is a maintenance phase designed to stop me piling on the pounds and to introduce things like meals out and an odd glass of wine sensibly without ruining all the hard work. Once that is complete in December life resumes as normal but with healthy eating and one day a week FOREVER if eating just pure protein. 

Everyday I need to drink 1.5 litres of water and walk briskly for half an hour but I also plan on keeping up my spin Zumba and swimming. I’m going to do this thang! It’s a lot, 12 months of work, but I can do it, and if it brings us home a baby it’s going to be 100% worth it. A year to change our lives xxx


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