Day 4 of the dukan diet attack phase 

Today was quite hard. Back at work after only working 5 days in the past 3 weeks, minimal sleep as we played musical beds in the night (nothing exciting unfortuneately, just the result of having decorated our room over the weekend and then not being able to sleep in our spare!)  the general head fuck that my line manager is, a distinct lack of coffee and having eaten only meat and eggs for 4 days found me yawning at my desk at 3pm. Had to buy food and Diet Pepsi on my way home to fight of the exhaustion and headache building and glamorously ate 5 slices of ham right out the packet whilst driving, FML. Picked me up though and I managed to drag myself to spin, then scoffed another chicken breast and some cottage cheese for dinner and now I’m dying on the sofa. 

Two spins in two days whilst in the attack phase of dukan perhaps was a bit much, but I want this so bad. I want to be a healthy weight, to conceive our child and carry a healthy baby. It will require effort and it will be hard so why not take the plunge from the beginning? 

Hopefully it’s paid off anyway, today I was down to 13 stone 12.4, which is the right direction and means I’ve lost 5.6lbs in 4 days! Woohoo!  Today’s calorie count is under a thousand which makes me happy. I know that seems so little but eating pure protein really does fill you up and it’s hard to consume much more. 

Tomorrows plan is to go to a core muscle/abs class after work, but I want to visit my aunty in her care home first and I don’t want to rush off, so that’ll be my priority. If I can make it I will. Day 5/6 of attack phase then finally vegetables on the 7th!!! I’m so excited for vegetables 🍆🌶🍅



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