Staying positive 

No weight loss on the scales this morning which is very disappointing as I’m sticking to the rules completely and exercising too. Daily Wright loss is pretty much guaranteedbin the attack phase of dukan so I’m praying I see a drop tomorrow!  

We have our first fertility appointment tomorrow evening and I’m so excited and so damn nervous they’ll say no because if my weight. I plan on arguing that seeing as I’ve got to wait 6 months for our known donors sperm to be checked and for him to have counselling etc, we could start the process and I can lose the weight before we start! I need to get my bmi to 30 which means I need to weigh a maximum of 12 stone 7 pounds in six months. I’m now 13 stone 12 but if I stick to this diet (which I will) I should be down to 11 stone by then. Fingers crossed!!! 

Busy day, yummy dukan breakfast of a galette poached egg and smoked salmon 



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