Fertility clinic #1

I am so pleased with today’s appointment! 

The clinic is lovely, modern, free coffee and wifi and the staff were friendly and welcoming and nurse director we saw very professional and knowledgable. We spent about an hour and a half with her talking through things, she was patient and didn’t rush us and threw in a free pelvic ultrasound yay! 

Only downer is the distance, clinic is 46 miles from home, 1.15 hours in non rush hour traffic, darn. Only 30 minutes from work though, and seeing as most appointment are weekdays that is my starting point. 

Best news of the day is the polyp is no more! Better news is that on my left ovary I have two follicles biggest was around 9.7 mm and on my right ovary I have 7 follicles the biggest measuring around 8.5mm! Go ovaries! Everything looked great though it was a cursory look more at the presence (or not as it turned out) of the polyp, I am so pleased! More in depth scans to come….

Lovely nurse last said that I wouldn’t be a candidate for any injectables to stimulate my ovaries for an iui due to the amount of follicles naturally present, but they’d consider clomid. Looks like first option is an iui possibly with clomid. But before that we need to get sperm guy in for screening and counselling which takes a total of 3-4 months apparently. I need bloods doing on cd 2-5 next cycle and so I guess we’re hopefully away on this baby thing by May/June which would be amazing especially as that’s my projected time to be at my goal weight! Currently they wouldn’t do IVF with me due to weight or a heavily medicated IUI unless I get my BMI to 30 or below but a moderately medicated iui would be fine. So excited! 

Good day with the dukan, not too hungry or tired but tomorrow I get to eat veg, I’m almost beyond myself right now with excitement. Cruise phase of dukan = alternating days of pure protein and veg and protein. Still no carbs but I’ve got this. Off to bed now with a hot milk, rock n roll 😉😝☺️


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