This morning showed a loss on the scales, yay! Now I’m down to 13stone 10 which is a loss of 8lbs. Very happy with that considering this is day 9. 

I’ve been sticking rigidly to the rules and have been exercising. Swam 30 lengths last night to take me away from the temptations on my Christmas whiskey miniature sat on the counter. I wanted to leave that stuff out to prove my will power to myself but it makes it hard! 

We’ve decided to visit a fertility clinic that’s 30 miles closers I home. Although we love the other, ultimately the journey is going to get too much. So that’s another £200 for an initial consultation but I guess we’ve got to get used to spending money on this journey 🙈 

I’ll leave you with this mornings yummy very filling breakfast, spinach ham mushroom and corgette omlette, it was gorgeous. 



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