How to have a happy Sunday 

I woke up this morning feeling dejected. No weight loss on the scales. I know I can’t expect it everyday but I weighed this weight when I got married in May, and I want to be less than that now what with all my hard work. 

So i turned my mood around and I went for a two mile run in the muddy forest with my beautiful pup, then to a very sweaty spin class, cooked myself a delicious nutritious late breakfast and visualised myself at 11stone. Honestly I now feel on top of the world. I feel powerful and healthy and happy. 

This is me at 18 when I last weighed 11 stone, I can get back to this! Curvy stil yes, but I was hot! 

For breakfast today I did myself proud. In in the cruise phase of the dukan diet and in on a pp day so I made myself dukan eggs Benedict which is an oatbran galette (a bit like an omlette/crepe) with lean ham, poached egg and homemade hollandaise sauce which I made from mustard egg yolk skim milk quark and lemon juice. Delicious! 



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