I think I might have missed O. I’m on cd 19 which is when I’ve ovulated before but I’ve had some pinkish blood since cd 17 and I’ve had sore boobs and fertile cm for days. Cramping today. 

Clear blue duel hormone has been giving me a flashing smilie for 3 days and I’ve been waiting for the solid to plan the insemination. I expected it last night or this morning but no, it keeps flashing. Did a cheapie opk and its stark negative which is unusual for this point in my cycle, there’s normally a faint second line. 

Oh I wish I’d started temping, why am I not temping???? 

I’ve given sperm guy heads up for tomorrow or Sunday just in case. Oh please I hope I haven’t missed it. 


4 thoughts on “Gutted

  1. I’m so sorry. It does sound like you might have ovulated, but you should try anyway just in case. Unless, of course, all your CM dries up and then it’s just Game Over.
    Do you have PCOS? That often gives you false positives on OPKs and other false indicators for a time or two without ovulating. I’d have surges that felt just like that but not ovulate for another week because PCOS.
    ❤ !

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    1. Hi, thanks I really don’t know what to think but no pcos. I’m actually having a pelvic us today just to confirm but on my last scan all looked good.
      I’m going to start temping as not knowing is driving me crazy!
      I’m on quite an extreme diet which might not be helping..


  2. I’ve been reading your blog for a while and it really sounds so tough trying to predict exactly when you are going to ovulate! You’d have thought that our bodies would be more predictable than this! best of luck with this month, s0 sorry if it hasn’t worked out x

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    1. Thank you. I love having these blogs to read, learn from and know I’m not on my own in the confusion! I always thought my cycle was like clockwork and ttc would be a walk in the park! X


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