Our tour of fertility clinics saw us at an NHS women’s hospital today. We almost didn’t go, having set our sights on a private fertility clinic (clinic #1) we had visited first at the beginning of this month. 

Boy am I glad we didn’t cancel! 

This is a busy NHS hospital, with waiting lists to reflect that, but we were seen five minutes before our appointment time and everyone was friendly, helpful and professional. It’s not shiny and new like clinic #1 but rather a well oiled, well used machine that has stood the test of time. I came away from this appointment with far more confidence and clarity than from the other two. And to top it off the appointment was free! Free! 

Not only that but all the tests I need, same as recommended by all 3 clinics reassuringly, are also free. This will save us approximately £1000 just on preliminary testing. We may even qualify for NHS funding for the treatment itself according to our doc, but even if we don’t iui’s and IVF come in at £400 cheaper a pop compared to the private clinics. 

The catch; next available appointment is the 9th of June. And to qualify for NHS funding, I need to be 20lbs/1.5 stone lighter, gulp. 

So it’s more of a wait than we wanted, but  it’s going to save us an awful lot of money (that we don’t have). And we can keep trying in the mean time with the home inseminations. 

No more feeling flat 😊


5 thoughts on “NHS 💙

  1. Love your posts I’ve scrolled through so far, I’m TTC long standing (2 years) & trying to loose weight before we approach our dr to ask for help because I have too many friends who have felt heartbroken being turned away for NHS IVF because of their weight! We haven’t ventured into it enough to know much about private care yet, though. Wish you both all the look in the world ❤️

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