Since January 1st I’ve lost 1 stone 2pounds! Whilst this is amazing I’ve still got a way to go and need to lose another 1 stone 5 pounds to get my BMI under 30, or ideally 2 stones 2 pounds to get to my target weight of 11 stone. 

That said I’ve been very naughty last night, and treated the wife and I to a curry, including naan and wine and my darling has just popped up to the cafe to get us some breakfast which I don’t imagine is dukan diet or even healthy diet friendly! 

I don’t feel guilty though, I’ve eaten well the rest of the week, exercised frequently and with gusto and I know having one naughty meal doesn’t mean giving up and eating without thought and care. Today I’m cycling about 20k with my beautiful pup and then tackling the house work, so I intend on burning off a few calories. Tonight I’m planning on cooking a healthy slimming world esq Thai green chicken curry, without the naan this time! Then Sunday through Friday I’ll be back on the dukan diet, I’m tending to do one veg and protein day (so I can have a baby Sunday roast, roast meat and carrot, mashed swede and broccoli, lush!) followed by 4-5 pure protein days then some normal food on Friday and/or Saturday. It’s a bit of a mix match of diets, but it’s working for me at the moment allowing me to be strict enough most of the week to lose weight whilst still allowing for some indulgence and sanity in the form of vegetables wine and carbohydrates! I may need to step it up after next weekend and get back to doing the dukan properly but we will see. 

The exercise front has been hit and miss, the spin classes at my gym keeps getting fully booked and I really like them and find I’m much more disciplined at attending them than going to the gym by myself. Last week I barely did any excercise because of this, so I got myself motivated this week. I had aimed to go every night, but due to leaving work very late twice I made it three times, which I’m actually happy with. Three gym sessions and one swim. I’ve managed to book on the spin class Sunday and Monday so next week should be off to a flying start. 

I’m determined to do this. I can do this. 


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