Getting over myself 

This week has been a roller coaster at work. A young person went through just about the most horrific trauma I can imagine someone could unintentionally inflict on themselves and a baby died. Unfortuently I have come across the death of a baby on many occasions, it is never easy and you never get blasé about such devastating loss of young life. This one has struck me a little harder, and has also had the side effect of giving me perspective and realising that sometimes the most important things you have to say can’t be said in words. 

Blogs are self indulgent in their very nature, I can be a selfish person and I think that’s fairly obvious in my last post. A and I have had some wonderful conversations this week and I’ve come to realise just how intense and how single minded I can be. She felt pressured to just agree with me so gave little time to her own thoughts and feelings. I need to learn to give her time, and to actually HEAR her. Looking back, it’s obvious I could have picked up on her unspoken thoughts. 


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