Bleeding hell

For a long while now I’ve had bleeding between my periods. My cycles are regular in that they’re frequent but the length of my cycle is inconsistent, ranging from 24-36 days. 

The bleeding, approx halfway through my cycle, started as a pinkish loss on wiping. It’s steadily increased to a red brown or pink loss that requires me to wear a panty liner, and is still halfway through my cycle. It’s gone from being on one occasion to lasting a few days. This cycle I’ve had a steady small loss lasting 7 days! It is not a period. I do have very mild cramping.

I’ve had pelvic scans +++ and a hsg. I’ve had speculums and smears and swabs. All clear. 

What could it be? Does anyone have any experience of this?


5 thoughts on “Bleeding hell

  1. I had bleeding once or twice mid-cycle and did a ton of research, which mostly consisting of some scientific shrugging and hand-waving about hormones. Can you get your hormone levels checked? I think this is usually associated with estrogen, especially if it’s mid-cycle.

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    1. I’ve had a few blood tests re hormones at GP, all normal apparently though I don’t trust them lol. Having a load of new ones done with new fertility hospital but follow up not until June!!!! X


      1. Gah, so long!
        Yeah, I don’t know if I trust the GP for when hormones are only slightly off. I went to my OB-GYN before the fertility specialist, and she completely missed my PCOS. :/ It sucks, but they only seem to notice and/or care if everything is completely out of whack.
        Hopefully the fertility hospital can give you some answers!

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      2. That’s what I think, somethings obviously wrong as I’m bleeding but unless there’s s one thing hugely wrong they don’t care! I went back to the GP with bleeding, she did a speculum and said oh, you’re bleeding! I’m like um yes, that’s why I’m here! Grrr


  2. Something similar happened to me about 5 years ago – started as the odd bleed in between periods, then eventually turned into 2 months of constant period level bleeding (NOT fun at all!) – they ended up putting me on the pill for a few months and giving me some extra hormones (can’t remember specifically what now) to “re-set” my cycle (or so they called it). Really hope they figure it out & that this stops soon xx


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