In my quest to become a mum I’ve made a few changes to my life. 

1. I’ve cut down on drinking. Not out but down, girls got to have some fun. A and I were quite big drinkers, we would have a couple most nights… I love wine, and mainly red. I do believe that alcohol was one of the main reasons I put on so much weight, not only in the drinking of excess calories but also because of the bad decisions relating to food I would make when I had had a glass or two which then quickly became habits. So that was the first thing to ‘go’. I have stopped having a drink during the week unless it’s a special occasion or a holiday, and try and just stuck to having a few on one night at the weekend although occasionally it will be two nights. I still love my wine, but where I can I opt for lower calorie drinks such as gin and slimline tonic or vodka and Diet Coke. The other game changer was a vow to eat prior to having an alcoholic drink, not after! That helped me keep my mind on good healthy food and off the junk! It’s also stopped late night cupboard raids. If I’m desperate for something, I’ll eat some fruit. 

2. Stopping Shift work. It wasn’t exactly intentional, I wanted to go to a more normal working pattern and was keeping my eye open for opportunity and there it was. I worked mainly nights for about 8 years, 12 hours shifts on busy wards. Not easy and not good for my mental or physical health. I never have suffered with any depression or anything like that, but when your sleeping all day and miss entire days of daylight (night shifts in the winter) well honestly I struggled with that. So since October I’ve been working 9-5 Monday to Friday and it’s pretty awesome. I feel healthier happier and basically normal! I won’t miss the constant jet lagged feeling of nights, or repeatedly sleeping separately to my wife. 

3. Diet… Well that’s the biggie. Initially I did 6 weeks ish of dukan. Yes it works, and maybe it can work long term if you stick at it but it is HARD. It is also unforgiving. You feel like shit most of the time and slip ups are painful both physically (when your on no carbs then accidentally eat a slice of pizza… it’s uncomfortable!) and in that the scale does not forgive them easily. I went from 14 stone 4 down to about 13 stone 4 on dukan. When I came off it I went back up a few pounds immediately, that’s when I declined to try slimming world as so many people I know we’re having great success with it. The biggest boost to my weight loss has been doing slimming world with A. We shop cook and eat together so me being on a strict diet and her eating what she pleased was hard and didn’t make financial sence. She needed to shift the pounds too, and it’s been great! We are a little competitive but mainly we are just supportive of each other. I am now down to 12 stone 9 1/2 and I’m feeling good about myself again. I’ve discovered a love of fruit, and I feel so healthy right now. I’ve also cut down on caffine, again not cut it out but down. This one is hard for me and I still slip up regularly. I’m trying not to have more than 2 cups of coffee a day, I would like to cut it out completely but that seems impossible at the moment. My goal this week is to have one cup a day only and switch to raspberry leaf or red bush tea for my other hot drinks. We will see. 

4. Supplements. I have been taking, on and off, folic acid 5mg (due to raised bmi) raspberry leaf tea and a pregnancy multi vitamin from sainsburys. I’ve been doing some research into other supplements and have decided to add; 

Co-enzyme Q10 – all cells are powered by tiny little organisms called mitochondria, and those mitochondria rely on Co-enzyme Q10 for power. Studies have shown that women who supplement with Co-Q10 produced better eggs, in greater quantities, as in human terms, an egg is a really huge cell, so needs lots of power to work efficiently.

Royal Jelly. Another one that is supposed to make really good quality eggs by giving your body a boost in the energy sector.
The areas I need to work on now are getting good at taking the supplements and keep on reducing caffine. I was exercising quite a bit and that has slipped the last few weeks as I’ve been doing some extra shifts at my old job in attempt to get rid of my credit card!!! But I’ll be back on that as well this week. I am also considering starting acupuncture but I’m not sure how that will work financially as it costs £40 a session and I imagine I would need them on a regular basis.

Overall I’m happy with the choices I am making though and I’m feeling healthy and happy. If anyone has any advice on lifestyle changes that feel helped them conceive I would love to hear from you 😘 


Results are in

Today was our much anticipated fertility clinic appointment. We’ve had to wait for 5 months for it due to waiting lists and it being an NHS clinic, but we’re not grumbling as routine tests and consultations are all free, so we’ve saved a lot by being patient. We were expecting to pay for treatment itself, but it it is still a damn sight cheaper this way.

Free/cheap isn’t the only reason we’ve chosen to go NHS. We looked at private clinics initially and were fairly set but decided to go along to our initial NHS clinic appointment in January to compare, and I am so glad we did. The advice was to the point, reasonable and fair, tests were based on need and nothing else and everyone was so professional. I feel confident in them. They’re also very convenient for us as they’re relatively close to home and a couple of miles for work. The private clinic we had considered was twice the distance away from home, and the travelling quite stressful. Q

The registrar we first saw requested an internal scan, hsg, and a load of bloods; progesterone fsh etc and requested I lose weight. Bmi above 30 and they wouldn’t treat me on the NHS for sure but if I could get it under 30 there was a chance we would qualify for a cycle of IVF on the NHS as we had been doing home inseminations for some time. My bmi at the time was 33 ish, weight 87kg. 

So… my weight was 80kg (12 stone 6) and bmi was 30.6! Woop! Also, I’m not ovulating and have low ovarian reserve. Bugger. Wasn’t quite expecting that! 

On the plus side uterus ovaries and Fallopian tubes appeared normal and as I am now apparently diagnosed with fertility problems we get a couple of goes at IVF on the NHS, although obviously chances of success are a lower. My age is in my favour and so is my continued weight loss. 

I’m feeling pretty positive… IVF is what we had decided we wanted and now we get a freebie, but shit! Where did the bloody eggs go?!? I really hope there’s a couple knocking around in there and they don’t decide to pop out whilst we’re waiting to start IVF!