Results are in

Today was our much anticipated fertility clinic appointment. We’ve had to wait for 5 months for it due to waiting lists and it being an NHS clinic, but we’re not grumbling as routine tests and consultations are all free, so we’ve saved a lot by being patient. We were expecting to pay for treatment itself, but it it is still a damn sight cheaper this way.

Free/cheap isn’t the only reason we’ve chosen to go NHS. We looked at private clinics initially and were fairly set but decided to go along to our initial NHS clinic appointment in January to compare, and I am so glad we did. The advice was to the point, reasonable and fair, tests were based on need and nothing else and everyone was so professional. I feel confident in them. They’re also very convenient for us as they’re relatively close to home and a couple of miles for work. The private clinic we had considered was twice the distance away from home, and the travelling quite stressful. Q

The registrar we first saw requested an internal scan, hsg, and a load of bloods; progesterone fsh etc and requested I lose weight. Bmi above 30 and they wouldn’t treat me on the NHS for sure but if I could get it under 30 there was a chance we would qualify for a cycle of IVF on the NHS as we had been doing home inseminations for some time. My bmi at the time was 33 ish, weight 87kg. 

So… my weight was 80kg (12 stone 6) and bmi was 30.6! Woop! Also, I’m not ovulating and have low ovarian reserve. Bugger. Wasn’t quite expecting that! 

On the plus side uterus ovaries and Fallopian tubes appeared normal and as I am now apparently diagnosed with fertility problems we get a couple of goes at IVF on the NHS, although obviously chances of success are a lower. My age is in my favour and so is my continued weight loss. 

I’m feeling pretty positive… IVF is what we had decided we wanted and now we get a freebie, but shit! Where did the bloody eggs go?!? I really hope there’s a couple knocking around in there and they don’t decide to pop out whilst we’re waiting to start IVF! 


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