One of the IVF success blogs I read (stalk) got pregnant on her first try. She had acupuncture. So, thanks to her amazing success, I started reading about it and actually there has been some real documentation of positive impact of acupuncture on conception via IVF. We’re talking RCTs. Yup the real deal. A Google search will take you where you need to go….

Anyhooo, I did some googling of my own and found 4 acupuncturists near to me. I whittled down the 4 to 3 based on websites. You know the old ‘don’t judge a book by it’s cover’, well, I am a firm believer in doing just the opposite of that. A shoddy website for your buisness just screams lack of effort, lack of passion. And if they don’t care about their business, why should I. 

I called the other 3. One answered first go, and repeatedly told me I sounded as if I was in a tunnel or underground or something. She seemed to find it offensive. I found her rude. 

The second I called on her advertised number whilst driving to work. The woman who answer said that she wasn’t an acupuncturist but had had these calls before. I asked if she would like the name of the company advertising her home number in error so she could correct them, but she declined. 

So… One left! I left her a voicemail and she text me back quickly and with so much passion and detail, despite being on holiday. I felt reassured and as if she was genuinely interested in me and my journey. She works in the NHS part time, then works as an acupuncturist part time. She also rescues bunnies. What’s not go like. So off I went….. And, well, it was a bit odd. 1st you talk about yourself a lot. Including periods and mucous and all that jazz. Then you lie on a couch and get covered in a blanket. Then a woman pokes sharp pins in you, you give her money and leave. Also, maybe I’m a bit naive (twat) because I didn’t think they would hurt!!!!! I thought it would’ve like a scratch, nothing offensive or significant. But you can really feel those little nuggets! And sometimes they put electricity through them. Who knows what’s going on. 

All in all, I think it’s with a shot. The lady is nice, it’s expensive but not bank breaking and our first round of IVF is free so let’s give it a bash. I’m going twice monthly for now then 6 weeks prior to IVF I’ll start weekly treatments. 

Anyone else had acupuncture??? What were your experiences? Did it work/help?? Xxxxx


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  1. I did weekly acupuncture starting in October when we started our stim cycle. I continued through our failed transfer in November , getting pregnant naturally in December ( which I 100% contribute to the acupuncture) the subsequent miscarriage and until our successful FET in March. Kept going until week 16 of pregnancy and will start again for the third trimester until birth of these twins!
    Honestly, I felt so many benefits. Especially during the stim cycle and FET cycles. Helped with lining and bloating and it really was great for my mental state. My naturopath is so knowledgeable about supplements and such plus it was a chance to vent every week about the process. If you do it don’t half ass it! Throw yourself in and believe in the process! You are right to look for someone who seams passionate about what they do! Good luck!

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    1. Wow! What an awesome accolade! I’m trying to take her advice on vitamins and diet and it just believe, there will be an adjustment period though but I’m going to give it a good go, thank you xxx

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  2. I did acupuncture for a short time during TTC, but I think I just couldn’t get past the woo-wooness of it all. Idk how much of it is the forced relaxation and how much of it is just the power of placebo, but if it works for you, then it works! Go for it and see if you like it, but if you don’t, I wouldn’t pressure yourself to keep going.

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    1. I’m with you on the woo-wooness but then there’s a lot of crazy stuff in the world I don’t get so I’m going to push it to one side and give it a go. There’s a lot of up stories and I want one of them to be mine xxxx


  3. Just failed 3rd IVF cycle..really HD Hugh hopes for this natural cycle, the only ‘assistance’ was fertility acupuncture..sadly today the blood test showed failure. More failure. This time I’ve lost hope in this too. Shame, I thought acupuncture was the magic key 🦄🌈

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    1. Oh that is so awful, I’m so sad for you! It seems such a lottery, we’re all here trying to better our chances but what can we really do?? Was it the first time you’ve had acupuncture? X


  4. Not a fan. I started off at the beginning of our journey and went a couple of times, first time my wife came along and after the lady had left the room for me to have relaxation time with the pins in, my wife had to continually tell me to relax as I kept talking and moving. When I went alone, I hated it, I felt uncomfortable and agitated … whether that was the acupuncture making me feel like that or my mind, I don’t know – but it wasn’t for me. We achieved our pregnancy (eventually) without – though I’m a firm believer that if something makes you feel positive, and like you’re really helping to increase your chances, then do it. All that positivity, if nothing else, won’t do you any harm!


      1. Not at all… they are so teeny tiny and the only time you feel them is if they don’t really know what they’re doing… and they don’t need to attach the needles to the electrodes for fertility… fertility acupuncture should only be done by someone with extensive experience in that specialty. Lots say they know it but not all are focused/educated on that in their practice.


      2. Most acupuncturists have a degree – but just like any other provider, it doesn’t guarantee that they are good at what they do. Everything is subjective when it comes to reviews, but what I’ll say is keep trying out new providers (no matter what their website looks like – one of the best ones I went to didn’t even have a site, she was word-of-mouth recommended and wonderful!) until you find someone who fits YOU. We have to advocate for ourselves 🙂


      3. I still think it’s all about technique and where they put the needles. Some put them in the belly, the wrists, the feet, the top of the head – from going to several myself during the process I’ve seen a huge variety. Only time I ever had a needle hurt was when I was treated for plantar fasciitis in my foot and they put one in the bottom of my heel where the nerve was – and that stung. But everything else is supposed to feel like almost nothing – I’d equate it to even less than tweezing an eyebrow hair, which makes sense as acu needles are way smaller than regular needles – about the width of a human hair.

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