And we’re off! 

All steam ahead for 27th December! We’re starting down reg doing the long protocol first scan scheduled for 12/1/17. Dreading the night swats as I already get them pretty bad what with being perimenopausal but hey, bring it on! 

I’m so excited to be starting injections especially as it’s 2 days before my 29th birthday! I am so ready for this babe, it is so loved and so wanted already 💞


Best CD1 ever

I started my period yesterday evening and called up the fertility clinic nurse line. Now I had fully prepped myself and the wife that we would be put off a month due to Xmas and the bank holidays etc meaning others had been put off this month and so would mean a back log…..I had been warned this was likely the case, but I had secretly been putting out positive thoughts to the universe that we should get to start this cycle, and we can!!!! So that’s it…. pick up my prescription tomorrow and start jabbing myself 27th Dec! First appointment is 12th Jan ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Finally we’re making a baby ❤️💋❤️I can’t wait!