Next step! My very clever endometrium now measures a slim 2.9mm! Wooop go me. Ovaries are behaving themselves so we’re going for it with the stimulation drugs. I’m on 150iu menopur and 300iu bemfola (pen) with a scan arranged Wednesday and Friday next week. 

It was a little disheartening to be asked ‘how old are you’ by the nurse when looking at my poor under achieving ovaries. She was expecting to see more follicles apparently…. which confused me a little as I didn’t think they bothered with them just yet…. but basically she wanted to check I was on the right meds so I got over it pretty quick. After all this is why I’m here, and I’m glad everyone seems to know what they’re doing! 

I’m ready for these night sweats to be over now, I’ve been waking 10-25 times per night (thanks Fitbit app!) this last week and it’s boring now. Hopefully this will get better now that we’re stimulating. My moods been a little on the low side mainly through feeling tired. But I’m happy, I’m glad to be doing this. Overall I think I’ve been quite relaxed, I’ve been trying to visualise our baby and all that comes before that… getting good numbers at egg collection, good fertilisation rate, the positive pregnancy test… a first, healthy, scan….

Come on baby! 


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