Monitoring scan yesterday went so so well and I’ve been on a high ever since. My little litter of 4 follicles has grown into a litter of 7 size 12-14mm follicles. There are a good few smaller ones hanging around in the background and I’ve no idea if they can catch up or not. What will be will be, for now I’m chuffed with our 7.  

The consultant who scanned me was lovely, polite and friendly and gentle with the scanning. He seemed to be the boss man and fingers crossed I see him again. 

We’re so damn excited. I know this has an only 1:4 chance of working and then there’s the hell of early pregnancy and all the risks to navigate but we have so much hope. And it’s fun to hope and dream. 

I can feel them now. Mainly on my right side where I have 5 hanging out. It’s quite reassuring but made swimming last night difficult as it pulls and I’m scared incase I hurt them! Think I’m going to take it down to just walking now… madness when I think of all the exercise I was doing before Xmas! 7 days a week spinning circuits running or bootcamp! 

Next scan Monday with retrieval potentially Thursday or Friday ❤


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