The Harvest

It was my dad’s birthday last night and so my wife A, mum and brothers and I took him for dinner. He is so excited about ivf and so caring for me, it’s truly lovely to be loved ❤ him and mum are determined to apply (unconsciously) their own names to the different phases however, which is actually quite sweet. 

So today I was ‘harvested’ aka egg retrieval, which surprisingly was a dream. 

Woman of infertility; do not be afraid. I wasted some energy on nerves and it was not needed. Nerves were basically due to never having had any real medical treatment before, certainly no anaesthetic before and how very big my dreams of this working are. But, the staff were wonderful, professional informative and just basically nice. I do love the NHS 💙

We arrived at quarter to nine for our half nine appointment, I was second on the list of about 7-8 that day however was first to arrive due to traffic issues for the other woman. I went behind the magic flappy doors that I’ve been staring at for weeks from the waiting area, and into a little waiting room off the side of recovery with two big plasticy arm chairs. A and I sat and went through the procedure with a lovely Irish 🍀 (lucky) nurse Maureen, had blood pressure monitored, signed consent and then went through to empty my bladder, ditch the undies and gown up. Eeek! We had a chat with a jolly anaesthetist who did ease my nerves a bit and with the dr carrying out egg collection. Then I was taken through to theatre, gave A a kiss goodbye and met the ODP and his friends. The ODP was lovely, very professional and reassuring. I gave him my slippers and dressing gown, undid the back of my hospital gown and laid down on the table fully covered up. They checked who I was, what I was there for and then the anaesthetist put in a cannula (my first ever I think). He put some meds in that he said would make me dizzy, he was right, the ODP tucked the blankets around me and put an 02 mask over my mouth. I closed my eyes due to the dizziness and then it was time for the meds that would send me to sleep. I waited a few seconds and then opened my eyes as it didn’t seem to be having an effect, and I wanted them to notice I was awake! The anesthetist said ‘just think of something nice’ and my darling puppies jumped into my head. 

Literally next thing I know I’m in recovery being woken from the most lovely fuzzy dream about my dogs feeling all content. It was a lovely feeling, not at all the groggy being dragged out of sleep feeling I imagined. I had some mild/moderate period type pains for 10 or so minutes and some stabbing pains in my vagina and left ovary area. The occasional stabbing pains have continued but very very mildly and I still have a slight version of the full feeling that I had during stimulation but this is drastically reduced and no where near as uncomfortable. Overall, 6 hours later, I’m feeling ok just slightly dizzy when I walk around. Oh and I’ve been sick a little just once. I feel a million times better than I imagined! 

Straight after I woke up, the dr who performs the retrieval was there suprised at how awake I was. I said I’m used to the horror of night shifts and she laughed. The news; 8 eggs! 4 from each side- absolutely perfect and exactly what we had hoped for. The mystery polyp had done one again and was no where to be seen, so basically if there is a polyp it’s a tiddler and embryo transfer can go ahead whenever a little embryo is ready. 

A came through once I’d had 20ish minutes of monitoring and the nurse bought me some buttery toast and milky coffee; it was delicious and very appreciated. A then helped me get dressed and go to the loo, there was about   20mls of fresh red blood on the bed when I got up and minimal pinkish spotting  thereafter, and we went to sit in a private waiting area next to recovery until discharge. I had to drink some more water, have my blood pressure checked again and go through what to expect next from them and from my recovery and what problems to look out for. 

We headed home, happy, grabbed a sandwich and I headed to bed. I rested for a few hours but am too damn excited to sleep. My mind is with my 8 little eggs and wondering what they’re up to, will they fertilise? How many? When will transfer be? Will I get pregnant? Will I know if I’m pregnant? Will it be one or two babies? What will I wear to my friends wedding in July if I’m pregnant? When will we do this again if I’m not? 

A has been a dream. Pups have been cuddly. Cat brought me a ‘present’. I can’t wait till tomorrow 💞




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