3 embryos 

It only takes one…right???? 

Preliminary transfer scheduled for tomorrow 10.40, day 2 but dependant on how they develope. We will find out tomorrow morning. If all three are thriving then they’ll be left to battle it out until Tuesday, day 5.

Feeling a bit numb. 


4 thoughts on “Fertilisation 

  1. Hope transfer went well if it went ahead! And if not good luck for Tuesday! I’ve been following your journey closely. Me and my girlfriend are in the middle of ours too, about a week behind you. Egg collection will be either wed or Thursday this week! All the best 🙂 x

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    1. Thank you! It did and I think it went well, working my way up to post. It’s all so ‘big’ isn’t it! Really really good luck for collection and thank you so much for thinking of me ❤❤


  2. You’re welcome! We had our initial scan last week and my gf was only showing like 6 follicles so we were really disappointed considering her amh is 16. Hoping to see a few more tomorrow and you’re blog gave us hope! We are also from the uk but we are doing reciprocal ivf so right now I’m taking tablets to prepare my lining for transfer. We are also late 20s so we love reading your blog as there are a lot of similarities with ourselves. It’s a complete minefield and you convince yourself everything will be perfect and then when it’s not we have found it a real setback! But have to remain positivity and that seems to come very easy to you 🙂 when will you test? X

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    1. Certainly hope yet, and I think scanning can be user dependant! Aw where abouts are you guys? It’s lovely to know others are at the same stage, it’s so exciting but so hard! I’m pretty positive overall but certainly have my moments when I’m not. Ultimately I think you have to believe, we wouldn’t do it if we didn’t right! I’m not sure, A is a stickler for rules so wants to wait until two weeks have passed as the clinic have said but that will be the day before her birthday so I’m inclined to test before. No real idea yet, I think I’ll just wait for the crazies to come and dictate that haha x


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