Positive ❤

I caved. 6am this morning, 10dp2dt and 4 days before otd and I only bloody got a positive test!!!!!!!!!! I cannot believe it and cannot put into words how happy I am. I know this is early but today, I am pregnant.

I’ve read sooooo many of these posts, but honestly, I didn’t think I would be writing one. I still feel as if af is coming though I’ve been reassured by so many people that they felt like that initially too.  

It’s faint, but it’s there. Positive! Please baby, please hang around. You are so loved already ❤


16 thoughts on “Positive ❤

  1. Brilliant news missus! Are you planning on testing again tomorrow or just waiting to OTD? Just had a really good feeling for you! How is your wife? Congrats again to you both! I’m 2dp3dt at the mo and the days are dragging in lol xx

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    1. Wife is more reserved than me but we’re both feeling so positive! Yes I’ve got enough for daily tests until otd haha! Want to see that line darkening! It does drag I know. I found it much easier to be at work and distracted for at least some of the day. When do you think you’ll test? X


  2. We probably won’t test til Tuesday at the earliest, I go back to work next Wednesday so in a way I would like to know before that but also have a big meeting on wed first thing that need to be on form for so we might hold out til Thursday which is say before otd! I’ve just been taking it easy and my gf is looking after me well although I have been snapping at her a bit but think it’s just the general stress. We hear today if any of our other embies can be frozen but I’m not holding out much hope! X


    1. It is bloody stressful and I’m sure she understand it’s that talking and not you. I was surprised how sad I was about my last embryo not making it, so gut wrenching. Fingers crossed you get at least one xxx


  3. . Just got the news we got one wee hatching blastocyst for freezing, I am very shocked as this embryo was lagging behind a bit and that’s why we did a 3dt! The other 3 embies arrested. Just so happy to even get some to transfer and can’t believe we got a frostie.

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