Now I’ve started testing I can’t stop! Yesterday afternoon panic set in that the trigger could still be in my system and that’s what the positive test was showing (yesterday, when I got the + it was 14 days since trigger). Luckily enough I had enough tests to do one a day up until otd with the test provided by the clinic so I planned to do one this morning. 

One of my really good friends had given me a couple of tests that she had left over. So I used one of them. It showed positive but was super super faint! Gah! Problem was there was no instructions and I’m not sure how old it was. So I did another test of the same brand I used yesterday and thankfully it was a stronger positive than I saw yesterday! Perhaps this brand is more sensitive or perhaps they’re just newer… either way I’m glad I had that second one to reassure me. 


The very faint positive on the test from my friend. I don’t like looking at this photo! If you look closely though there is a | in the square shaped window which = positive 


My repeat test, same brand as yesterday, much stronger! If it was negative the + would be a – in the circle shaped window. 

I’ve got a digital too, those scare me more as in my head they’re the least sensitive and give you a stark pregnant/not pregnant rather than a line you can interpret yourself. I’m saving that one for Friday I think, the day before otd. 

Hang in there baby! ❤


9 thoughts on “11dp2dt

  1. More great news! Maybe just stick to using the same brand. What brand is that btw you are using? I think we are gonna buy some first response at the weekend! Congrats again, I’m sure you are delighted!!xx

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  2. It’s dragging in I have to admit. I’ve taken it really easy over past few days and now am worried about over doing it and was even nervous walking to the shop and carrying milk back lol have I lost my mind! Xx

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