Different test again, still positive. Still faint but it’s early right??? Really hope those levels are rising and that babe/babies are settling in tight.

Symptoms wise I’m knackered. Tired behind my eyes by 4pm and we’ve been in bed by 9.30-10! My wife is knackered too but she’s on a new placement and gets up at 5am to walk the dogs. I’ve been on dog walk rest during ivf but my shifts will resume next week!!! 

 I’m still cramping, though not as often as before. Yesterday I had two cramps hours apart that were very strong though and that scared me. 

I’ve had some pangs of nausea too though I know it’s too early for that they’re definitely there! 

Sore boobs and mild wind discomfort which I’m attributing to the pessaries. 

I plan on telling a few people from the off, people who I would want to know and who would support us no matter what outcome; my parents and closest friends and A plans on telling her sister and mum. Plan is to wait for otd just to make sure….and its nice having this secret! 


8 thoughts on “12dp2dt

  1. It’s getting darker, that’s for sure! It took my tests a while before they got super dark – I think it was closer to 16DPO. The hormones are just so tiny in the beginning that it can stay faint for a while.

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  2. Happy days missus! I am feeling very disheartened today as I have zero symptoms and am 4dp3dt, no period type pains, no pregnancy type symptoms and no progesterone symrpons. Can you remember what day you started cramping?x

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    1. It’s so hard isn’t it I was so up and down too. I think I started with cramps by the Monday which was 3dp2dt, they are still going on now and they worry me a bit! Don’t give up now, implantation may not have happened yet and there’s still plenty of time! Plus you had some fab embryos put in there xxx


    1. No I was too scared! Did a normal one which was deffo darker 😊😊 have the clinic test tomo and may do the digital Sunday lol! It’s crazy but I just want to test to make sure haha. I’m not sure how to stop! X


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