Today is 14dp2dt and the recommended pregnancy test date following our first IVF cycle. We did it! It’s worked and I can’t believe it! 

Our clinic had given us an (incredibly cheap looking) pregnancy test to do today which is the top test. It’s a bit of a naff test so I did a digital just to make sure, it’s so amazing to see those words pregnant!  

Next steps are to continue with progesterone and call the clinic Monday with our results. I believe they’ll arrange a scan for some time after 6 weeks bit I’m not sure if they’ll do a blood test first? 

I’ve used all our tests now and don’t plan on doing any more, I don’t want to get any more obsessive than I am! My general plan is to keep active walking and swimming, eat well, not stress and sit back and let our little darling grow ❤ 

Thank you for all your lovely messages of support ❤



14 thoughts on “OTD

  1. Congrats! I don’t know what the standard is in the UK, but here they had me do a blood test 14 days out and then confirmed pregnancy if the HGC number at least doubled two days later – then scans at 5, 6 and 8 weeks. After that I was released to my OB and treated like any other normal pregnancy

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  2. Hi just wanted to let you know we tested today 8dp3dt, very early I know but we couldn’t wait any longer: we got a very definite second line in first response and 1-2 weeks on clear blue. In on Friday for hcg test so just hoping and praying it sticks. Can’t believe it. How did telling people go? How are you feeling now? Did you get a date for scan?x

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    1. Oh wow that’s so amazing!!!! Congratulations!!!! So exciting! Have been thinking about you and was worried as thought no news wasn’t good xx Fingers crossed for your hcg test; I wish I got one but don’t seem to do them here, I’m going to do a post in a bit! Need to find you in ‘real life’ if you’re not going to blog as it would be awesome to stay in touch! Xxxxxx


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