Who was I kidding. I managed one day without testing! I was doing pretty good but I’m still cramping and found out my scan will be in three weeks from today….Three! I’m sure that’s correct and fine and you know this is the NHS and I’m grateful blah blah but it feels like such a long bloody time. I’ll be 7+4. That’s like a proper pregnant person. There’s no blood tests or anything either to check levels are rising, so of course the urge to test won out! 

It’s getting darker and for now I’m happy. Didn’t expect to have such a long wait after the tww to check everything’s looking as it should though…. 

Telling people wise we’ve told everyone we planned on. A few close friends and parents, plus As sister. My parents seem to have shared with my aunt already though which I don’t mind as she and I are really close and they’re just so damn excited, my dad especially. Mum has already offered to help with childcare and we have about four desperate knitters! It’s so lovely to have others as excited and in love with this baby as us. 

Symptoms wise I’m still cramping which worries me on one hand but also reassures me that at least something’s going on down there on the other. My boobs are super sensitive and I’m quite tired, though not as bad as last week (or maybe I’m getting used to it?).

Roll on march! 


25 thoughts on “16dp2dt

  1. Hiya, I’m in the process of sorting out my blog cos I’ve been writing in it quite regular but just worried it could identify us and literally not one person knows we have had ivf lol. We have tested every day this week and the line has been getting darker ever day with this mornings matching the control line. In first thing on Friday and really hoping we have good numbers and then it’ll be a waiting game to scan. Did you end up getting your treatment on NHS? It’s so strange how different places have different criteria/eligibility etc. How are you feeling and anymore symptoms? I have had lower back pain, cramps low down in abdomen and weird pains in stomach like higher up above bellly button x

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    1. That’s so exciting! I love seeing the darkening lines ❤ yes we’re lucky enough to be NHS funded as I have low ovarian reserve and don’t ovulate! Didn’t know any of that to begin with and initially went in intending to be a private patient!
      Symptoms, I’m still cramping on and off, and I feel tired. Plus boobs are killing! Some nausea past couple of days xxx good luck for Friday!!! X


  2. Are you still testing? Was so good you saw 2-3 on clear blue, we are afraid to test clear blue again incase it hasn’t risen. You are exactly a week ahead of us, it’s crazy! For some reason my boobs aren’t sore when they usually get crazy sore at every time of the month x

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    1. Clear blues scare me haha! I’ve not done any more but have been so tempted today as I feel a bit worried about this bloody cramping! I think it may be getting better but I’m not sure! X


  3. How bad is your cramping and is it the same as AF cramps? Mine are slightly different, everything I’m feeling I haven’t felt before lol all new feelings! Apparently the 2-3 weeks means your hcg is iver 200 so I think you’re ok 🙂 x


    1. Oh wow! I didn’t know that that’s awesome to hear thanks! It’s different, in the beginning was kind of sharp. Now feels more widespread and a bit more like a spasm across my uterus. It doesn’t last long I want to think it’s the uterus growing. Maybe I’m being over sensitive! Xx


  4. Yep and once it gets to 3+ it’s over 2000 so bear that in mind if you test again! We are now debating about when to tell people but think we will wait until the 7 week scan, my family are gonna flip out as they literally have no idea, I think they may also be slightly peeved we didn’t include them in the journey too but that’s what worked best for us!x

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  5. I dunno we just kinda thought it’s a real pressurised journey as it is without everyone knowing, asking questions etc. My family are lovely but very involved in everything we do and lots of opinions and I find that they sometimes say the wrong things without meaning to lol. So we decided not to tell and it’s been the best thing for us although its been hard having to lie as well! I do think my mum will be upset that she wasn’t part of this with us but I want the family to get involved at a nice time I.e after the scan rather than coming alongside the stims and all that as my mum is a natural born worrier (bit like myself lol) x

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  6. We have booked in for an early scan in 2 weeks time and then the clinic are scanning us the week after. We are just keen to know how many are in there as our hcg bloods came back at 1025 12dp4dt which is mega high!!


  7. We booked our scan for 9th march which is 6 weeks exactly then our other scan is 16th with the clinic. The first scan is with a private scanning place called babybond, might be worth worthwhile checking out, it’s all over the U.K.!

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  8. Up to you! We just want to know asap. Since our hcg I’ve had terrible anxiety about this pregnancy, think it’s the hormones etc but I’m getting so worried and scared about actually having a baby and how much things will change x

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  9. Any baby at all (but also twins) just feeling like a bit overwhelmed with it all and what’s to come I.e pregnancy and afterwards. We have wanted this for so long but now that it’s here I’m just so scared!!x


    1. Any change to life is scary. I defiantly had that moment when we were in the process of stimming, though now I just feel like it’s so right and meant to be. I can’t wait for the scan and it feels ages away but also I don’t know if it feels right to rush it, I kinda want to leave the baby/ies to let them grow. I guess we all feel different at different stages but it is a big deal, it’s a whole new life so i imagine feeling overwhelmed is abnormal feeling! Xxxz


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