The five and a half week wait

It’s still so bizarre to me, all this poking and prodding and scans and monitoring and injections blah blah and then nothing! Nada! Not a blood test or a scan or anything. I’ve been tempted this week to go to one of those peek-a-baby places, but A is not keen. She wants us to leave it/them alone to grow and not prod and poke and waste money when it won’t make any difference anyhow. She’s right but OOOHHHHHWWWWW. Two weeks left. Should have called it the five and a half week wait, but I guess it’s not as catchy. Realistic though! #faahww 

In other news, symptoms continue but cramps are lessening, I have very occasional bouts of nausea that may or may not be in my head, killer sore boobs (cannot sleep on my front!!!) and a tendancy for grumpiness plus some pretty significant tiredness. Though I seem to be adjusting to that by always sleeping!! I’m kinda thinking there’s just one baby, though I will be sad if one hasn’t made it. I guess that’s partly why having a scan earlier would be good, daydreaming (aka obsessive Pinterest searching/googling) about twins and twin related items isn’t good if one of my little darlings hasn’t made it. No matter what I am so grateful to have got ANYTHING implanted in there, and one baby suits my Homebirth and exclusive breastfeeding dreams, along with our financial situation better, but you do get so attached to those little embryos. March needs to hurry up already 💙🤞🏼💙 


19 thoughts on “The five and a half week wait

  1. I know, its so tough! I have really felt like my symptons are fading which is kinda scary. We are in for our private scan this day next week. We also used our last clear blue digi test today and it showed up 3+ weeks which means we ae over 2500 hcg so thats good news, things are heading in right direction!x

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    1. My cramps have stopped and I seem to be getting used to the tiredness, or maybe it’s a bit less, hard to tell! Started feeling mildly nauseous though. It’s pretty difficult to wait. I just wana know!
      That’s exciting about the clear blue 😊😊 and your scan is so soon!!! It’ll be so exciting to see what you’ve got 🤞🏼😉


  2. I have no nausea at all, nearly wish I had! I’m 4+6 today, what are you? I have back pain constantly though which isn’t normal for me, all the time just sore all over. Tiredness seems to have got a bit better as well. I’m having the weirdest dreams though and talking in my sleep a lot, so strange! Our poor partners lol x


  3. Just one week between us then. Had to go to clinic yesterday and pick up more meds and everyone was congratulating me, was so strange as we still haven’t told anyone. Once we get next weeks scan we are going to tell our parents x


    1. Oh wow is it getting hard not to tell? I haven’t told any one else but feel like I constantly need to talk about it!
      My clinic was so funny just one woman said oh good result then and that was it! The NHS is a strange beast haha x


  4. Yeh it’s definitely getting hard and I’ve been kinda avoiding my family, I’ve 3 younger brothers who all still live at home and who like to mess about, throw ya over their shoulders etc so I’ve had to stay away from them and pretend I have a sore back! So it’ll be nice to share the news without worrying. Have you continued testing?x


    1. Oh wow yeah that’s probably not why baby wants lol! I did one on Sunday but the screen was all cracked. Strong positive though. I’m not sure when I’ll do another, think I’ll just do them if I feel the need to save worrying too much z


  5. Yeh definitely. My girlfriend really doesn’t want me doing anymore and we haven’t done any since beta but just thought I we would do clear blue today cos I was worrying about my lack of symptoms. My wee worry head I had last week seems to have gone now and I am just so excited, it’s lovely having this secret too that no one knows. You and I will be due very close together then depending on whether we have singletons or more 🙂 x


  6. I think we are definitely having twins, I joked about it even before we started that we would have twins and then when the numbers came back that high I think so even more now. What about you?x

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  7. Well fingers crossed you never know! I went to my gp today to let him know I was pregnant and I said it could wel be twins and he said “and will you get rid of one of it is?” I was like wtf!!!! Also morning sickness has hit me with full force as of yesterday, threw up 3 times today already….not nice at all 😦 x


    1. Oh wow! Morning sickness is kind of amazing and awful at the same time haha! I feel terribly sick today but other than heaving a few times that’s it. Yesterday I felt quite sick mid morning and early evening too. I’m just so exhausted that’s the main symptom! I’m
      Not going to inform the GP until after the scan though, just in case! X


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