Midwife ❤️ 9 weeks 1 day 

So today we went to meet our midwife, and I know her from uni! Haven’t seen her in a few years, but so lovely to have someone I know. She will be our midwife at least throughout the pregnancy. Woo! 

What especially impressed me was when she asked my wife for her details as next of kin, i.e name and number, she without asking or hesitating wrote ‘wife’ in the space marked ‘relationship’. I mean this is how it’s meant to be, but unfortunately it often isn’t, and small triumphs of equality like this just leave me feeling so warm and happy ❤️

Confusingly the appointment wasn’t for the whole booking, which is what I had thought, but it turns out they do things slightly different round here and it was instead to get the ‘important’ tests out of the way and to request the dating scan,  with the actual booking appointment getting done at a home visit when convenient. I say ‘important’ cuz I know that these are things hospitals get tested on, key performace indicators, so it makes sense to get these out the way asap and for the longer but less ‘important’ information to be gathered at a later date. Obviously each aspect is equally important to providing good and appropriate care, but like most things in life now, measured outcomes are prioritised. It makes sense but I was hoping it would all be done today haha, and that other than the scan we wouldn’t need to make time for another appointment until 16 weeks.


We had the day off together today which was just lovely, and so went on a little adventure with the dogs and found some amazing walks within an hour of where we live. The scenery was just breathtaking and we had a beautiful day. On our way home we just went to a little town nearby to just explore and picked up this little cutie for our little cutie to be! 

Maybe a little silly but I’m trying hard not to shop for the baby yet and I just wanted to get something special that was just for the baby. Is so small that it barely counts right! 

Other than that, the only other thing I’ve bought for the baby is this wonderful book. 

I saw it reviewed on a same sex parenting blog I follow, and they raved about it as it’s suitable for any family, and it really is! Plus it’s so beautifully thought through and illustrated but still somehow understated. I’m just in love with it and can’t wait to start filling it out! 

I’m also planning on buying a special box for all babies things, such as pregnancy tests, scan photos, the book and the letter from the sperm donor, as well as anything else we collect as the pregnancy goes on and (pleasepleaseplease) as baby grows. This is partially for us, but primarily for baby. I want him/her to know they were loved and planned for and that they may be part of an unconventional family, but that families are made of love, and not blood. 

I am feeling so so thankful and so bloody happy.  This feels so surreal, but also there is still very much an underlying worry that something could go wrong. I cannot wait till that 12 week scan so we can see our little darling (pleasepleaseplease) looking big and healthy and happy. 


Our baby! ❤️

That little blob in a blob is our real life baby! With a heart beat and everything! A real baby! We could see the heart beat flickering away and it was just the most amazing thing. I have wanted this my whole life and here it is, I’m living it. This beautiful little being is going to make us mothers, something I thought we may only ever dream of. I’m already loving the experience of being pregnant, marvelling at how tired something only a centimetre in size can make me. How that little centimetre can change my perspective on the world in a matter of weeks. How it can have caused my body to start changing already, my breasts are growing and changing and my pulse rate to increase by about 10bpm. What power this little one has to cause so much change already. What power my little one ❤️ 

7 weeks 

Like a proper pregnant person! I feel so privileged to be at this point but it also feels so perililous and I’m constantly worried it’s going to be taken from us at any point. Our scan on Monday can’t come quick enough, although I am all to aware that having a successful scan doesn’t equal taking a baby home. 

Pregnancy symptoms so far seem to mainly look like extreme tiredness for me and it’s rare I’m still up at 9pm. My sleep is very broken, I’m restlessness and constantly needing a wee! That said mornings are good generally as I have more energy then than the rest of the day. I have felt very sick on a couple of occasions in the early evening before dinner but have yet to experience morning sickness. I think if I can see this week through without it then I may get away with it!! Wishful thinking perhaps? Part of me wants it to show up as I know it’s so common and often thought of as a good sign, but also I know some women just don’t get sick and have perfectly healthy pregnancies. 

A big worry is that I’ve put on weight over the course of ivf and the last few weeks which really bothers me. It’s about 4lbs. I am feeling more able to be active now though, I think my ovaries are back to normal, and so I’ve been walking the dogs more, going further and on more difficult walks and this weekend I’m going to brave a spin class! I’ve told my instructer that I’m taking it easy so he doesn’t push me, and plan on only going at about 50-75% effort max as I don’t want to compromise anything but exercise is good for me and the baby and I really don’t want to be gaining excess weight. I’ve also been planning on swimming once or twice a week after work but so far I simply haven’t had the energy by the time evening comes. Maybe tonight’s the night!