7 weeks 

Like a proper pregnant person! I feel so privileged to be at this point but it also feels so perililous and I’m constantly worried it’s going to be taken from us at any point. Our scan on Monday can’t come quick enough, although I am all to aware that having a successful scan doesn’t equal taking a baby home. 

Pregnancy symptoms so far seem to mainly look like extreme tiredness for me and it’s rare I’m still up at 9pm. My sleep is very broken, I’m restlessness and constantly needing a wee! That said mornings are good generally as I have more energy then than the rest of the day. I have felt very sick on a couple of occasions in the early evening before dinner but have yet to experience morning sickness. I think if I can see this week through without it then I may get away with it!! Wishful thinking perhaps? Part of me wants it to show up as I know it’s so common and often thought of as a good sign, but also I know some women just don’t get sick and have perfectly healthy pregnancies. 

A big worry is that I’ve put on weight over the course of ivf and the last few weeks which really bothers me. It’s about 4lbs. I am feeling more able to be active now though, I think my ovaries are back to normal, and so I’ve been walking the dogs more, going further and on more difficult walks and this weekend I’m going to brave a spin class! I’ve told my instructer that I’m taking it easy so he doesn’t push me, and plan on only going at about 50-75% effort max as I don’t want to compromise anything but exercise is good for me and the baby and I really don’t want to be gaining excess weight. I’ve also been planning on swimming once or twice a week after work but so far I simply haven’t had the energy by the time evening comes. Maybe tonight’s the night! 


17 thoughts on “7 weeks 

  1. Glad you’re not feeling too sick, enjoy it while you can! I’ve thrown up at least 3 times a day every day for the past week. We’ve had some bleeding which was really scary so was very glad to have our scan today, delighted to say we are having twins and saw two flickering heartbeats on the screen! Good luck for your scan and keep us posted xx

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  2. Thanks! Tonight is going to be the big reveal to our families, hopefully everyone takes it well! The scan showed a small pocket of blood on the screen too which is where the bleeding is coming from so that’s reassuring x

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  3. When I hit 12 weeks without having been sick, everything I read basically said “congratulations! You’re one of the few who won’t get sick”…. Then I hit 12.5 weeks and I’ve been throwing up ever since. But hey, it is what it is. Hope you really are one of the lucky ones!

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  4. congratulations! i am currently 6 weeks and experiencing major migraines, tiredness, night nausea which has turned to morning nausea now and a few random episodes of bleeding! my scan isnt for almost 2 weeks and it cannot come quick enough! i just want to know all is well! good luck to all ladies.going through this exciting time!!

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  5. Went really well, my family were very shocked and couldn’t quite believe we have been doing this from September time, we had taken pics of every appointment and had made a scrapbook so showed them that as well which was nice. Only told our parents and one sister so far. Are you having your scan on NHS just, after wed we are being discharged back to maternity services x


    1. Wow you’ve been doing it a while, is it your second round of ivf then? Or is that when you started investigations etc? Scan is through fertility clinic which is NHS but yes after that it’s normal care. Well as long as everything’s ok! X


  6. No this is our first but we had initial consultation in September and then sorta spread out the rest of the appointments over the months to make payment more manageable. Plus we went on a big holiday over New Years there so knew we couldn’t start treatment til we go back. Fingers crossed for tomorrow! Can’t wait for your update x

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