Our baby! ❤️

That little blob in a blob is our real life baby! With a heart beat and everything! A real baby! We could see the heart beat flickering away and it was just the most amazing thing. I have wanted this my whole life and here it is, I’m living it. This beautiful little being is going to make us mothers, something I thought we may only ever dream of. I’m already loving the experience of being pregnant, marvelling at how tired something only a centimetre in size can make me. How that little centimetre can change my perspective on the world in a matter of weeks. How it can have caused my body to start changing already, my breasts are growing and changing and my pulse rate to increase by about 10bpm. What power this little one has to cause so much change already. What power my little one ❤️ 


9 thoughts on “Our baby! ❤️

  1. What a perfect little nugget! Congratulations! I feel you on the tired. I’m just about 7 weeks and I start struggling every day around 5. I’m dead to the world on the couch by 8. Insane that something soooo tiny can totally throw your body into chaos.

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  2. Great news! What a lovely wee baby. We are in for our 7 week scan in the morning so hopefully our wee beans have continued to grow. Did they tell your your due date then?x

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  3. Thank you! Still two wee ones in there. Got some lovely pictures but the babies weren’t cooperating so couldn’t get one where you could see both at same time. So lovely though and could clearly see how they have grown. We have a private scan booked in at 10.5 weeks and then hopefully we will hear about our 12 week scan soon as well, our local hospital has a special twin unit so that’s where we will go and I was actually born there too (I’m a twin as well!) how’s your nausea? I discovered that water with lemon slices seems to keep my vomiting at bay although still feeling sick constantly. It’s all worth it though. Will you find out what you are having? We don’t think we will!x

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    1. Ah that’s fab news 😘😘 was sick last night then have felt sick again this morning and evening but overall am winning! No I totally want a little surprise and all the most wonderful brightly coloured baby clothes in the world 💚💜


  4. Hey missus how are you? Have you heard anything about your next scan yet? We have our booking appointment as well as a scan at 10 weeks, early because it is twins. My sickness continues but have some better days now. I’m definitely getting a bit of a bump which is probably more bloat but definitely can’t suck it in. Hope you’re well x


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