12 weeks 

Today marks me turning 12 weeks pregnant, that’s crazy! I still can’t believe it and get a little heart skip whenever my pregnancy pops up in conversation. 

Symptoms wise I’m good, no sickness nausea or anything much. Tiredness is easing, I feel bloody lucky. I’m fat though I feel flabby and horrible and can’t wait for a real bump! Also have become slightly obsessed with looking at my boobs in the mirror when I’m getting changed, like what the hell! They’re massive perky and beautiful haha! 

Scan next week on Tuesday and I can’t bloody wait. I’ve been slightly worried that baby is not ok as I’ve been feeling so normal but I naughtily listened in last weekend to baby’s heartbeat and there it was fast and strong and just beautiful ❤ 


4 thoughts on “12 weeks 

  1. Ahh it’s so difficult isn’t it – if you did feel sick you’d prob be worrying that something was wrong, and if you don’t feel sick you worry if something is wrong! I know lots of people who didn’t get any morning sickness at all in pregnancy and went on to have healthy beautiful little babies so please don’t worry yourself! I unfortunately was not so lucky so I’m actually pretty jealous of you right now! Enjoy, relax and look forward to that scan! xx

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  2. I’m finally catching up on everything! I am so happy that you have made it to this stage. How exciting! I really hope the next few months go well for you.

    Try not to worry about the lack of sickness: apart from early nausea and tiredness which left around week 7, I hardly had any symptoms at all. I was terrified because lots of people would say “morning sickness is a good sign”, but my pregnancy went really well and lots of my friends also report that they hardly had any sickness. Hopefully the scans and doppler will keep you reassured.

    Good luck x x x

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