Dating scan

Excitingly we had our 12 week scan today, and it was incredible! Our little beauty was swimming around in there and waving its little head off! It looked like a real baby and I can hardley believe it’s there inside of me. 

Our little one was very naughty and did not want to have its measurements taken at all and after several attempts loo breaks and wiggling around (me!) we went for lunch and returned in a hour to have them repeated, took ages still as baby was not playing ball but finally the lovely sonographer got what she needed and we could complete the downs screening. The midwife was awesome at taking blood and I didn’t feel a thing. A and I had a chat about the results too, if they came back as high risk or near too (say 1:200 or close) then we’re going to pay privately for some more advanced screening for chromosomal abnormalities (NIPT) rather than go down the amino route and 1% risk of miscarriage. It’s more than 98% accurate and is a simple blood test. It will be available on the NHS soon, but currently it costs around £500 privately and is available from the hospital we had our fetiloty treatment at. 

We got a million photos from our lovely sonographer, benefit of working in the NHS apparently 😉 and I’m chuffed with them! I asked for a spine shot as they just fascinate me, that was a first apparently! 

We went on a little shopping trip after and brought some more baby clothes. So now we have a small collection of vests and grows, a baby book, a small teddy, two nightlights, a mobile and a print for the nursery wall. Our plan is to buy the Moses basket and cot this month (as there is 10% off this month on the ones we want) then next month is the baby show by which point I’ll be 17/18 weeks and we’re going to look for pram, car seat, breast pump steriliser and reusable nappy deals, though we will only buy if things are on offer.

I think we may be a bit early in buying things but 1) I don’t care I’m excited and 2) we need to spread this out! 


13 thoughts on “Dating scan

  1. Brilliant news missus! What a clear photograph of your little one, I’m sure you are delighted!
    I am currently in hospital as I have been admitted with hyperesmisis and dehydration so am on fluid now overnight. I got 2 good weeks of so sickness and now it is back with a vengenance, wouldn’t wish this on anyway!
    On a happier note, we have our 12 week scan tomorrow here where I’ve been admitted so they said they will just wheel me up for it 😦 x


    1. Oh dear! That’s awful, I’m sorry you’re suffering. Hopefully you’re getting better now with fluids and antiemetics?? Strange it gave you two weeks off! Hope your scan goes well though xxx


  2. Sickness has got a bit better thankfully, have taken cyclozine as I need it and it helps. I’ve ended up with a painful uti which is not something I’ve ever experienced before…the joys of being pregnant! My bump is massive lol someone asked how far along I was and said that I looked around 28 weeks lol x

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  3. Hi missus hope you are keeping well! I’m always checking your blog for a wee update. You must be due your 20 week scan soon:) hope alls well x


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