Buying for our baby; sleeping

I thought it may be interesting to record some of our baby preparations. Ok, well it’s interesting for me a least! We’ve started early with the aim of spreading out our preparations so as to reduce stress, ensure that the big items aren’t impulse or panic buys and spread the finachial cost as really I am the only earner at the moment. 

I am an inconsistent mix of practical and frivolous, but overall try and live to motto of everything should be both ‘beautiful and useful’, and so this has shaped most of my purchases so far. 

As we are having a surprise baby and hopefully there will be siblings to follow, I wanted to keep all items gender neutral so they can be reused (hopefully) in the future. We’ve chosen grey and yellow as our main colour for the nursery, so a lot of items we’ve bought so far reflect this. 

These are the items we’ve brought with safe sleeping in mind. This is something close to my heart due to my job, and a something we have some control over elements of. 

Moses basket. Some of them look so ugly to me, and so flimsy. We wanted a Moses basket for downstairs, so baby had somewhere safe to sleep in the day (a huge amount of cot deaths happen on sofas) and when I saw this one by mokee I fell in love! It cost far more than I actually wanted to spend (about £100) which now seems slightly silly especially as we have been offered a few freebies since! And now it’s arrived I’m unsure if I would feel comfortable using it for unsupervised sleeping as it is so deep and the material so dense that I would worry about increased risk of cot death due to lack of ventilation… but still, so pretty! Also it feels pretty sturdy which is important to us with two mad dogs running about. 

We also bought the Mokee cot which was much more reasonable cost wise especially as it is suitable from birth through to toddlerhood. It changes into a toddler bed, comes with a draw and a change mat that sits nicely on top. This was a bonus as I didn’t want a change table as there is no room for that in our room, and barely any room in the babies room. This way we can use the change mat top of the cot to save our backs etc but also can take the change mat downstairs and use as normal in the day. I also wanted a small cot so that we could fit it down the side of our bed and use for nighttime sleeping immediately. It needed a drop side so we could semi-bed share to support breastfeeding but without the risk of overlaying (slightly cot death obsessed over here). I didn’t want to use a next to me type crib as they are the same size as the Moses baskets and so I assume won’t last long. I intend on semi co-sleeping as long as baby seems to need, so didn’t want to have to get something else once baby started rolling and climbing about! 

Another area that babies seem to sleep a lot in is their car seats. It is a pet hate of mine to see a scrunched up newborn being pushed around the shops for hours in a car seat pram. There is so much research showing that babies oxygen saturations significantly drop after just 30 minutes in them and unfortunately many babies have died, with this as a contributing factor. Yet I totally see how tempting it is to leave the baby asleep and just simply transfer the car seat to the pram chassis. 

With that in mind, when I saw this car seat recommended as which Best Buy and endorsed by the lullaby trust I knew that’s what I wanted for the baby. 

This is the kiddy Evoluna i-size infant carrier. Again it’s pricy but it can be used in a lie flat position enabling the baby’s head neck and body to stay in line and therefore keep an open airway. This is (I hope) win win!

Our last (so far) sleep related purchases have been sleep bags. I’m not 100% convinced on the safety of these as to me it seems baby could overheat, but they come in different togs and I guess the key is insuring the room temperature is correct (room thermometer is on the to buy list). Lullaby trust have suggested in a talk I attended that baby sleep bags are protective against cot death as baby cannot squirm down and end up with covers over its face. 

Anyone have any other advice on sleep safety and what’s worked for them? 



6 thoughts on “Buying for our baby; sleeping

  1. I like the look of what you’ve got – looks like you have a similar aesthetic to us!
    Re sleep safety, we have been using the Snuza Hero (you can get it on Amazon) which is a breathing / movement monitor. It has definitely helped with anxiety over SIDS. It took a while until he was big enough to use it, and now he is getting to a wriggly age where it sometimes comes off, but I’d rather be woken with false alarms than not woken at all.

    Re sleeping bags, we’ve found we don’t need them as it’s so hot in our room (it’s a loft) so consider your room temp first. A Gro egg helps with that. We did initially have him in sleeping bags when it was winter and he was brand new so I suppose we’ll be into winter when yours arrives. I recommend the MORI swaddle bag which converts to arms out. I also recommend Aden + Anais if you need something lighter. A+A do the best swaddles by far. (Musy with sparkly bits! Pretty but also the best size wise and practical.)

    Finally for sleep I highly recommend the Sleepyhead. We held off for ages due to expense but if you can afford it, it’s worth it. They sleep so much better and don’t roll! Everyone I know raves about them and we held off for a while but when we got it, wished we’d got it sooner. Plus the resale value is good. We like it so much we got the toddler size for when he grows out of it.

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    1. I want to get a gro egg but debating wether it’s a waste of money as you can get room thermometers for cheap/free. I’m not keen on the idea if swaddling tbh due to associated risk of cot death and slower weight gain etc as babies wake less frequently xxx


      1. Gro egg is not too expensive – also you should be able to pick one up second hand for a fiver or less. It’s a good visual indicator if you don’t want to scrutinise a thermometer the whole time! But a normal thermometer will be fine.

        Swaddling shouldn’t cause cot death unless it is done unsafely / incorrectly. You don’t do it if they can roll over. The biggest protection is breastfeeding as breastfed babies wake up more frequently. And safe co-sleeping or sleeping in the same room as it helps regulate their breathing.

        As for weight gain, my guy is 95th+ percentile so not worried! Most of our NCT group was anti swaddling before birth. But everyone ended up doing it! You don’t have to do it obviously. You may change your mind later! We stopped a while ago but it made a big difference at the time, and he is super healthy.

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      2. Swaddling was used in 1:4 cot deaths in the uk and the lullaby trust do not advise swaddling above the shoulders or swaddling tightly, which makes it a bit pointless. Babies can easily overheat and it’s been shown that babies who are swaddled wake less often and therefore feed and gain weight slower 😊 I will look at second hand grow eggs though xxx


  2. Hey chick how’s your pregnancy going? I enjoyed reading this post, we are trying to decide what the babies are best to sleep in. All going well with me, massive bump and both babies are over 2lb already. I am going to work for 4 more weeks and start maternity leave at 29 weeks. When do you plan to finish up? All the best x

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    1. Hi! Yeah all good here, wow what big babies!! I’m really good thanks, no real issues. Mat leave starts at 38 weeks but taking annual leave from 36 weeks. Can’t wait!!! Xxx


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