Dear baby

Baby you’re growing big! You kick me a lot in the early mornings and I love every little squirm! It feels like such precious time, so much so that once I’ve woken up I can’t go back to sleep as I just want to lie there and feel you move. Some of your kicks are getting uncomfortable but weirdly those are my favourite as they show just how strong you are! You then squirm and kick on and off all day before your big finale at bed time when you seem to go bonkers in there! I wonder what you’re so busy doing. 

I get worried about your movements, it’s such a big responsibility to make sure you’re ok. When I’m working I’m so busy it’s hard to concentrate and I can’t wait for maternity leave to begin so I can just focus on you.

I’m 34 weeks pregnant with you now, it’s flown by. We get to meet you in a few short weeks and both of us are getting emotional about it all. Mumma starts her third year of uni around the time your due so it’s all go around here. We’ve decorated your nursery, our room and swapped the living room/office around so you have a safe space to one day learn to crawl. Grandpa is redoing our bathroom for us too, so the place is a mess but I don’t think you’ll mind. 

What else? We’re trying to teach your doggy siblings not to bark and every leaf that blows past so they don’t wake you constantly. I hope you’re getting used to woofs in there! 

All our lovely friends and family have been gifting us so much! And your aunties have been knitting non stop. Granny has found jumpers she knitted me 30 years ago! You’ll get to wear them soon but she wants them back after ok? 

We’re ready for you baby 💛


10 thoughts on “Dear baby

  1. I’m great. I am booked to be induced on Monday! Eeek, starting to feel real now. I will be 37+4 then. Both babies still head down so still hoping for a vaginal birth if I can. I am blooming massive and haven’t been able to drive for a few weeks because of not fitting behind the wheel. I measured around the biggest part of my bump and I am around 55 inches which is almost the same as my height lol crazy. I’ve had a few scares in the latter weeks and spent some time in hospital but all seems to be ok now. Both babies are over 6lb at this stage. Can’t believe it has went so quickly, it’s amazing but also so scary at the same time. This time next week my babies should be here! How are you? Fill me in on what you have been up to?x

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    1. Oh wow that’s amazing! I really hope
      You get a normal birth! I’m 38+1 now and feel huge and uncomfortable so can’t imagine how you must feel! Also just imagining the responsibility of one baby is daunting haha! Trying not to freak you out here! Are you on Instagram? Would love to keep up with you and your babies! X


  2. Hi I’m not on instagram but I am on Facebook?

    Just to let you know my babies arrived on 15th October. Baby girl weighing 6lb 13 and baby boy weighing 7lb 6! Ended in an emergency section but we are all home and recovering well x

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