Today I am 7 days post 2 day transfer 7dp2dt with two embryos, one three cell one four…. a week today is optimum test day…. 


It’s been impossible not to symptom spot, how anyone can’t I have no idea because I know that two potential babies were transferred into my body last week how can I not think of them and what they might be up to. 

My most noticeable symptom is cramping. This is simultaneously exciting and devastating. One of my best friends maintains that just before she found out she was pregnant with her first she was convinced her period was coming due to the cramps, and initially the cramps I experienced were similar to period pain but different they were randomly intense and sharp followed by nothing. It felt reassuring like something was deffo happening down there. Then on Wednesday which was 4dp2dp, I felt this deep throbbing sensation on an off throughout the afternoon to the right of my uterus. I am so hopeful this was implantation as the embryos would be 6 days old it was certainly possible! 

Last night the cramps got a bit too familiar however, and the ones I’ve experienced this morning just feel like that dull my period is coming soon type sensation. Grr. 

On at least two occasions I’ve felt strong bouts of nausea and sort of light headed. And I’ve noticed I’m more tired, like a behind the eyes tired I can’t shift. But this could be stress related or to do with the fact I’m waking regularly through the night.

I’ve also had this strange feeling where it feels my hearts skipping a beat. This I’m attributing to anxiety! I don’t suffer with it normally, or any mental health type things, but ivf is stressful and I want this so badly it’s bound to have an affect. Plus pumping yourself full of hormones can leave one feeling not quite themselves. 

Sore boobs yes but I had them before the transfer due to the progesterone. 

And in other stupidness 

I brought a summer dress that will look amazing with a bump. 

My potential babies due date is my cousins brithday. She is one of the most beautiful people I know, inside and out, super cool and training to be a DR. That’s a good birthday pal. 

When to test

Dr google has informed me that the trigger shot should be out my system for sure by two weeks. Thats Tuesday. Tuesday the 14th! Valentine’s Day. That’s when I want to test. I would be 10dp2dt. I’m still not sure as I don’t want the stress of seeing a negative that could still turn to a positive, as official test date is tuesday the 18th when I would be 14dp2dt…. decisions decisions…. any advice welcome! 



One of the IVF success blogs I read (stalk) got pregnant on her first try. She had acupuncture. So, thanks to her amazing success, I started reading about it and actually there has been some real documentation of positive impact of acupuncture on conception via IVF. We’re talking RCTs. Yup the real deal. A Google search will take you where you need to go….

Anyhooo, I did some googling of my own and found 4 acupuncturists near to me. I whittled down the 4 to 3 based on websites. You know the old ‘don’t judge a book by it’s cover’, well, I am a firm believer in doing just the opposite of that. A shoddy website for your buisness just screams lack of effort, lack of passion. And if they don’t care about their business, why should I. 

I called the other 3. One answered first go, and repeatedly told me I sounded as if I was in a tunnel or underground or something. She seemed to find it offensive. I found her rude. 

The second I called on her advertised number whilst driving to work. The woman who answer said that she wasn’t an acupuncturist but had had these calls before. I asked if she would like the name of the company advertising her home number in error so she could correct them, but she declined. 

So… One left! I left her a voicemail and she text me back quickly and with so much passion and detail, despite being on holiday. I felt reassured and as if she was genuinely interested in me and my journey. She works in the NHS part time, then works as an acupuncturist part time. She also rescues bunnies. What’s not go like. So off I went….. And, well, it was a bit odd. 1st you talk about yourself a lot. Including periods and mucous and all that jazz. Then you lie on a couch and get covered in a blanket. Then a woman pokes sharp pins in you, you give her money and leave. Also, maybe I’m a bit naive (twat) because I didn’t think they would hurt!!!!! I thought it would’ve like a scratch, nothing offensive or significant. But you can really feel those little nuggets! And sometimes they put electricity through them. Who knows what’s going on. 

All in all, I think it’s with a shot. The lady is nice, it’s expensive but not bank breaking and our first round of IVF is free so let’s give it a bash. I’m going twice monthly for now then 6 weeks prior to IVF I’ll start weekly treatments. 

Anyone else had acupuncture??? What were your experiences? Did it work/help?? Xxxxx