Another week of down reg 

Today was my first scan on down reg, not terribly exciting but it’s nice to be doing something further in this process and feels like a mini milestone. It was in the middle of the day but I had a day off so made a day out of it by going on an explore with my doggies this morning and a cuppa and a cuddle with my friend and her two gorgeous babes. My beautiful kind thoughtful wife also bought me a massage for my birthday (December) which I’m off for this afternoon 💞💞

I started down regulation on the 27th December so now we’re at day 17 of that, however I only started my period two days ago with proper bleeding only starting this morning so I wasn’t shocked to hear my linings at almost 10mm still. Looking online everyone’s freaking out when this has happened to them but I’m simply not worried. I know my linings usually quite thick from previous scans and my periods tend to be heavy and I just believe this part at least is going to be fine. This is the easy bit right?! All will be revealed in a week either way. 

What I am starting to struggle with is how very much I want this to work, I’m in, I’m invested, I’m hopeful and optimistic and bloody hell its going to hurt if it doesn’t work. I’ve only just started on my first IVF journey and am realising the magnitude of it all. But I do want to believe. It feels good to believe.

If I had a 25% chance of winning the lotto you bet I’d be playing ❤🌈❤

Side note; I’ve put on 4lbs since before Xmas. Currently I am blaming Xmas/birthday/new year foods, significant reduction in ability to exercise due to down reg exhaustion and repeated advice to tone down the cardio (I was hitting it hard) a new and very seious chocolate addiction and the meds them selves. Now I needs to deal with this, this week. No chocolate. Get off my ass and at least walk around a bit 🙄 and careful on the carbs. I hope I’m listening to myself. 


Adventures into down regulation

Today I am 7 days into down regulation for our first IVF attempt. I am so excited and cannot believe we are at this stage, but also so incredibly aware of how things can easily not go to plan and that it may all be for nothing. Right now I am holding onto hope and trying to visualise a positive pregnancy test, a growing bump and knitted booties, but I do have one nagging fear that I’m trying my best to ignore;

I have reduced ovarian reserve and don’t really ovulate, I turned 29 this week. I am on the long protocol of IVF simply because of my age and because they will have more control over the cycle with that protocol than with the flair which is apparently plan b… but due to my fertility problems I am scared that being on down reg will permanently tip me into the menopause and then, well its game over. Argh!

Side effects wise I’m doing ok. I’m on Suprecur 0.5ml via sc injection daily. Prior to starting down reg I was getting some serious night sweats and other menopausal symptoms like constantly feeling nauseous and heaving especially in the mornings!! And feeling foggy and like I was walking through treacle sporadically. Since starting down reg I haven’t yet had any nights sweats which is amazing as they’re truly horrible and ruin my sleep. The past few days I’ve had a mild headache and today I have a funny taste and slight numb feeling in my mouth. I feel a bit flat and quite tired too though that could be because I’m back at work tomorrow after a few days off for Christmas! 

Exercise wise I’ve not done much since starting down reg except two 5km runs and a daily dog walk, this is mainly due to Christmas rather than deciding to stop and my classes start again today so I’m back to meta fit and spin tonight, with weights class Tuesday, 5km run sat and spin Sunday.  I did have a vague plan of maybe starting to do the daily insanity dvds until I start on menopur…but then again maybe not! 

All in all I’m pretty pleased just to be starting on this adventure.