Since January 1st I’ve lost 1 stone 2pounds! Whilst this is amazing I’ve still got a way to go and need to lose another 1 stone 5 pounds to get my BMI under 30, or ideally 2 stones 2 pounds to get to my target weight of 11 stone. 

That said I’ve been very naughty last night, and treated the wife and I to a curry, including naan and wine and my darling has just popped up to the cafe to get us some breakfast which I don’t imagine is dukan diet or even healthy diet friendly! 

I don’t feel guilty though, I’ve eaten well the rest of the week, exercised frequently and with gusto and I know having one naughty meal doesn’t mean giving up and eating without thought and care. Today I’m cycling about 20k with my beautiful pup and then tackling the house work, so I intend on burning off a few calories. Tonight I’m planning on cooking a healthy slimming world esq Thai green chicken curry, without the naan this time! Then Sunday through Friday I’ll be back on the dukan diet, I’m tending to do one veg and protein day (so I can have a baby Sunday roast, roast meat and carrot, mashed swede and broccoli, lush!) followed by 4-5 pure protein days then some normal food on Friday and/or Saturday. It’s a bit of a mix match of diets, but it’s working for me at the moment allowing me to be strict enough most of the week to lose weight whilst still allowing for some indulgence and sanity in the form of vegetables wine and carbohydrates! I may need to step it up after next weekend and get back to doing the dukan properly but we will see. 

The exercise front has been hit and miss, the spin classes at my gym keeps getting fully booked and I really like them and find I’m much more disciplined at attending them than going to the gym by myself. Last week I barely did any excercise because of this, so I got myself motivated this week. I had aimed to go every night, but due to leaving work very late twice I made it three times, which I’m actually happy with. Three gym sessions and one swim. I’ve managed to book on the spin class Sunday and Monday so next week should be off to a flying start. 

I’m determined to do this. I can do this. 


How to have a happy Sunday 

I woke up this morning feeling dejected. No weight loss on the scales. I know I can’t expect it everyday but I weighed this weight when I got married in May, and I want to be less than that now what with all my hard work. 

So i turned my mood around and I went for a two mile run in the muddy forest with my beautiful pup, then to a very sweaty spin class, cooked myself a delicious nutritious late breakfast and visualised myself at 11stone. Honestly I now feel on top of the world. I feel powerful and healthy and happy. 

This is me at 18 when I last weighed 11 stone, I can get back to this! Curvy stil yes, but I was hot! 

For breakfast today I did myself proud. In in the cruise phase of the dukan diet and in on a pp day so I made myself dukan eggs Benedict which is an oatbran galette (a bit like an omlette/crepe) with lean ham, poached egg and homemade hollandaise sauce which I made from mustard egg yolk skim milk quark and lemon juice. Delicious! 



This morning showed a loss on the scales, yay! Now I’m down to 13stone 10 which is a loss of 8lbs. Very happy with that considering this is day 9. 

I’ve been sticking rigidly to the rules and have been exercising. Swam 30 lengths last night to take me away from the temptations on my Christmas whiskey miniature sat on the counter. I wanted to leave that stuff out to prove my will power to myself but it makes it hard! 

We’ve decided to visit a fertility clinic that’s 30 miles closers I home. Although we love the other, ultimately the journey is going to get too much. So that’s another £200 for an initial consultation but I guess we’ve got to get used to spending money on this journey 🙈 

I’ll leave you with this mornings yummy very filling breakfast, spinach ham mushroom and corgette omlette, it was gorgeous. 


Fertility clinic #1

I am so pleased with today’s appointment! 

The clinic is lovely, modern, free coffee and wifi and the staff were friendly and welcoming and nurse director we saw very professional and knowledgable. We spent about an hour and a half with her talking through things, she was patient and didn’t rush us and threw in a free pelvic ultrasound yay! 

Only downer is the distance, clinic is 46 miles from home, 1.15 hours in non rush hour traffic, darn. Only 30 minutes from work though, and seeing as most appointment are weekdays that is my starting point. 

Best news of the day is the polyp is no more! Better news is that on my left ovary I have two follicles biggest was around 9.7 mm and on my right ovary I have 7 follicles the biggest measuring around 8.5mm! Go ovaries! Everything looked great though it was a cursory look more at the presence (or not as it turned out) of the polyp, I am so pleased! More in depth scans to come….

Lovely nurse last said that I wouldn’t be a candidate for any injectables to stimulate my ovaries for an iui due to the amount of follicles naturally present, but they’d consider clomid. Looks like first option is an iui possibly with clomid. But before that we need to get sperm guy in for screening and counselling which takes a total of 3-4 months apparently. I need bloods doing on cd 2-5 next cycle and so I guess we’re hopefully away on this baby thing by May/June which would be amazing especially as that’s my projected time to be at my goal weight! Currently they wouldn’t do IVF with me due to weight or a heavily medicated IUI unless I get my BMI to 30 or below but a moderately medicated iui would be fine. So excited! 

Good day with the dukan, not too hungry or tired but tomorrow I get to eat veg, I’m almost beyond myself right now with excitement. Cruise phase of dukan = alternating days of pure protein and veg and protein. Still no carbs but I’ve got this. Off to bed now with a hot milk, rock n roll 😉😝☺️

Staying positive 

No weight loss on the scales this morning which is very disappointing as I’m sticking to the rules completely and exercising too. Daily Wright loss is pretty much guaranteedbin the attack phase of dukan so I’m praying I see a drop tomorrow!  

We have our first fertility appointment tomorrow evening and I’m so excited and so damn nervous they’ll say no because if my weight. I plan on arguing that seeing as I’ve got to wait 6 months for our known donors sperm to be checked and for him to have counselling etc, we could start the process and I can lose the weight before we start! I need to get my bmi to 30 which means I need to weigh a maximum of 12 stone 7 pounds in six months. I’m now 13 stone 12 but if I stick to this diet (which I will) I should be down to 11 stone by then. Fingers crossed!!! 

Busy day, yummy dukan breakfast of a galette poached egg and smoked salmon 


Day 4 of the dukan diet attack phase 

Today was quite hard. Back at work after only working 5 days in the past 3 weeks, minimal sleep as we played musical beds in the night (nothing exciting unfortuneately, just the result of having decorated our room over the weekend and then not being able to sleep in our spare!)  the general head fuck that my line manager is, a distinct lack of coffee and having eaten only meat and eggs for 4 days found me yawning at my desk at 3pm. Had to buy food and Diet Pepsi on my way home to fight of the exhaustion and headache building and glamorously ate 5 slices of ham right out the packet whilst driving, FML. Picked me up though and I managed to drag myself to spin, then scoffed another chicken breast and some cottage cheese for dinner and now I’m dying on the sofa. 

Two spins in two days whilst in the attack phase of dukan perhaps was a bit much, but I want this so bad. I want to be a healthy weight, to conceive our child and carry a healthy baby. It will require effort and it will be hard so why not take the plunge from the beginning? 

Hopefully it’s paid off anyway, today I was down to 13 stone 12.4, which is the right direction and means I’ve lost 5.6lbs in 4 days! Woohoo!  Today’s calorie count is under a thousand which makes me happy. I know that seems so little but eating pure protein really does fill you up and it’s hard to consume much more. 

Tomorrows plan is to go to a core muscle/abs class after work, but I want to visit my aunty in her care home first and I don’t want to rush off, so that’ll be my priority. If I can make it I will. Day 5/6 of attack phase then finally vegetables on the 7th!!! I’m so excited for vegetables 🍆🌶🍅