A grain of sand in a jam sandwich 

Yesterday we transferred two of our three embryos, on day two. One was a three cell, one a four with some fragmentation. Not top quality, but not terrible either.

Our NHS fertility clinic has a strict single embryo transfer policy. It was reiterated to us time and time again that only one would be transferred. So, naturally, we wondered if having two transferred means it’s game over. 


1.when they called first thing Saturday morning they said all embryos were at three cell. An hour and a half later when we were there for transfer one had developed to four cell. Clever thing. 

2.When I was told it could be a day two transfer instead of worry, it just felt right and I felt excited. It felt right because I had four days off work after to recover and chill, had transfer been Tuesday I’d either have been stressing trying to arrange time off or had to go straight to work. It felt right because it meant A not missing any of her placement in order to come with me (she’s only on her second week of a 5 month placement) and mostly it felt right because I wanted them back in me, with me. 

3. The sun was shining and the sky was blue. In February. These babies are our summer. 

4. These last few days/weeks I’ve just known that somewhere along the line there was going to be two babies. Wether this is just at this stage when two were   transferred and we never get to see a positive test let alone two heartbeats on a scan I don’t know. But when they rang me Friday with the update, I knew two would be coming back to me, and yesterday when we were in the theatre talking to the embryologist and she was going on about the one four cell I barely heard her as I was just waiting to hear about the second we were transferring. 

So, transfer itself

I was told to come with a partially full bladder by first having a wee then drinking a pint of water two hours before and then not weeing until after transfer. Do this. Don’t do what I did, which was worry it wouldn’t be full enough and drink a cup of decaf tea and a litre of water and then look and feel so bloody uncomfortable that one of the nurses comes to sit with you cuz she thinks your about to breakdown! I went and did about four ‘half a wee’ and believe me it’s not easy. Sheesh. 

Once I was slightly more comfortable we got called through to the theatre when I had my collection. We sat on two small stools and first the embryologist and then the nurse carrying out the transfer came to talk to us. The it was bottoms off and into the stirrups. A sat next to me holding my hand the whole time. Speculum in and some fiddling around up there with swabs or something and then a catheter into the cervix. All uncomfortable but nothing too bad. Cold jelly on my belly and a scan of my uterus (and hugely full bladder, oops) and then they called through to the lab to say we’re ready for the embryos. They got passed through after a few minutes, up the tube into my uterus (flash of light on the scan apparently) and we were done. Went relatively easily apparently. Everything was left in place for a few minutes while the lab checked the embryos were out of the tube and then the speculum was out and everyone was done. The nurse said I can get up and dressed and I looked at her like really?? Won’t they fall out?! Like throwing a couple of grains of sand into a jam sandwich apparently. Not budging.